2019 FIVB Women's Club World Championship

  • Motta doesn't know the way to change the plans during the matches... he seems to just go with the strategy he thought before the match and never change.

  • Yep, I done with this game already, it's too late, i much prefer to sleep than to suffer watching Lloyd, so, i come back later to see the results :P

  • Wolosz is steping up, really nice sets in second set!

  • I just can’t with those sets from Lloyd. She’s gonna kill Natalia and Kim’s back

  • While Tijana’s balls are always tight to the net

  • Lloyd has a fine connection with OHs actually, Natalia beasting was with her on court. Tbh if Kim and Natalia keep playing well as now im more optimistic for Ecz win because of Conegliano's reception

  • What is wrong with Folie Wolosz connection. They are literally perf together but Wolosz keep setting low sets to her :what:

  • Conegliano is boring today!

    sorry not sorry. I only like Hill so far and Wolosz setting. EczV is honestly iconic to me if they fix their issues, I want them to win everything this year.

  • Yasemin 2/2 was the highlight for me. Let's build on this. :kiss:

    Yes. The big superstars seem to let people down more often than not --- until the end of a match. I enjoy the not super famous yet players who do well a lot more

  • Any link for the match?

  • But Hill hit two into the net in set one. How often does that happen to anybody?