2019 FIVB Women's Club World Championship

  • I love seeing out of system balls TERMINATED. I don't see that a lot in Japan :(

  • This was a nightmare for Osasco up til this day imo. :rolll::rolll::rolll: The team was basically Brazil NT A team and they lost the final after leading 2 - 0. Natalia and Pavan went beast mode and the way Jaque's mood turned around during the 4th set was iconic. :rolll::rolll::rolll:

    There were great players at certain years but didn't become legends. For instance Marianne Steinbrecher. 2008 was he year but that's it.

    Brazil has some amazing MBs that can perform top level for years. Fabiana and Walewska are still playing good and the soon-to-be legendary Thaisa is getting back to her top form.

    Felt a little nostalgic here remembering all of those teams. I loved Fener in 2010, still mad that Kasia didn’t win her CL. I really like Conegliano and the way they play, but, as already said by some users, for me they are not even close to some teams that were mentioned here. Also we can’t forget Sollys from 2012, almost the Brazilian NT. Even though they didn’t win Superliga, it was a team with legends.

    2013-2014 Osasco with Sheila, Malagurski and C.Bosetti reached the semifinals with a 28-0 record (SuperLiga`s record). But lost the 2 semifinal games against Sesi.

  • Personally, I would not call it overrated since not all teams have someone who can terminate OOS balls. However, isnt it just amazing when a team gets scrappy and kills and OOS ball? This is the beauty of volleyball, there is not only one way of playing it.

    Don't get me wrong, of course it is great if you can play in-system forever. But with the improved serving ability these days reception lines break sooner or later 🤷‍♂️ and that's when a team's ability to play OOS is important.

    Also being able to play OOS puts less psychological pressure on reception line.

  • haha. she is surely a legend. but in 2017wcch,zhu arrived in Japan the day before the game. Because she went back to China first, and she had to train with her teammates for the National Games. anyway, it is just one little thing.

  • Why are you comparing Naz and wolosz? lol

    They are on the same age 29 - Yes

    When did they start playing - Naz - 2003, wolosz -2006

    for me both are good, naz was exposed to high level of volleybal in turkey but wolosz was able to level that with her skills and playing with best players as well.

    both are good.

  • Why i felt like most of you aren't happy with conegliano? because they are italian club? ooopppps

    both leagues are great with great players.

    i don't compare 1 player from another specilaly you have to consider their experience, National team, Age and how long they've been doing it.

    Let's enjoy this

  • I like the comparison of Wolosz to Glass indeed. Both are good players in specific systems but not so functional in other teams. That's why she didn't shine in Polish NT. However setters like Ognjenovic and Naz are more versatile in playing different systems. They proved themselves in various different team formations. Also Wolosz is kinda late bloomer, that's she will never be a legendary player for me. All the legendary players received trophies before reaching 20. Wolosz is considered a good setter in last 3 years only while Naz was playing in champion league final 4 when she was 15

  • Why would any kind of criticism should stem from racial bias?:what: I'll never understand inferiority complex:wall:

  • I think you're confusing being a great player with being a legend. A legend is not only a player who's one of the best in their position for a certain period.. A legend means that player has been on the top for years and years.. it takes time and dedication to stay on top for such a long time.. it's 'easy' to be great in your best years, when young and powerful, but it takes brains and hard work to stay healthy, improve your game, change aspects of your game to stay relevant and still win, and still be one of the best. A legend is a player who has influenced the game, who's recognized worldwide, player that won't be forgotten when another 'great one' comes around. Gamova, Piccinini, Logan Tom, Lo Bianco to name a few. For example Wang Yimei has been unbelievable in 2008, destroying everyone, scoring even more than Zhu is right now, and where is she now? That lasted for like year or two, got injured, then she was never the same. Paula Pequeno was the MVP of the Olympics in 2008, but I don't think she is legendary. Sheilla on the other hand is. Also there's no need to compare players. There doesn't have to be one best setter in the world.. but speaking of it, Wolocz still has some years being on top to be called legendary. When thinking about Poland I'm sure they think of Kasia and Glinka as legendary players

  • What a defence from Novara and Sansona :what::super: