2019 FIVB Women's Club World Championship

  • A defensive OH hitting 30% is very poor. In any position hitting 30% or below is not good.. Especially for a top team.

    her numbers:

    vs Scandicci 28%

    vs Conegliano 30%

    vs Monza 23%

    vs Firenze 34%

    vs Fillotrano 37%

    vs Busto 31%

    Mostly important she has received the same exactly amount of balls as Vasileva ( 180 receptions each). Which means....There`s no reason for her to be hitting this low when she`s not receiving.

    That`s why Vasileva ranks overall#1 OH in the League, why Megan ranks# 21, with only the 16th best Reception. Her hitting numbers are bad, and her reception is not that great either.

    if this can be called a All Around OH....well....Every single player out there can be considered a All Around Player.

    Meliha is playing pretty bad too....I actually have mentioned that a few times. But when she plays bad she is sent to the bench.

    How did Vakifbank won the 3rd set?....OMG, imagine if Vasileva got aced in the end? LOL

    What is this rubbish? :lol: For a defensive OH, hitting around 30% is not so bad. And have u seen Meliha play? She is even struggling in reception which is her main role apart from hitting. And that 0% is definitely overreaching.

  • Wow Minas couldn't even beat Conegliano bench players :white:

    15th victory in the row

    And Egonu got one day extra rest as other girls :)

  • Egonu and Sylla got 2 days of rest. Novara is playing with the starters and probably Vitra will probably do the same.... Well.....I guess Conegliano is our Champion already.

    I wish Brakocevic was being rested today....hard to believe she will play at a high level 4 days in a row.

  • The rumor: Zhu Ting won't participate in the match against Vakifbank due to her injury.

    My favourite roster of Chinese (in 2022)
    male NT:
    S - Yu Yao-chen, Chen Lei-yang
    OP - Jiang Chuan, Dai Qing-yao
    OH - Zhang Jing-yin, Yu Yuan-tai, Liu Li-bin, Fu Hou-wen
    MB - Zhang Zhe-jia, Peng Shi-kun, Li Yong-zhen, Jiang Zhen-yang
    L - Yang Yi-ming, Yang Tian-yuan

    female NT:
    S - Yao Di, Diao Lin-yu
    OP - Gong Xiang-yu, Sun Xiao-xuan
    OH - Li Ying-ying, Wang Yi-fan, Wu Meng-jie, Zhuang Yu-shan
    MB - Yuan Xin-yue, Wang Yuan-yuan, Zheng Yi-xin, Liu Yu
    L - Ni Fei-fan, Xu Jia-nan

  • Easy win for Novara 3:0

    So they are official number 1 as Conegliano in their pool

    Totally domination of Italian clubs

    But I again I don't want to watch Italian final like in CL...

    Still both Turkish club's needs to qualify to be official number 2 in both group.

  • You were claiming that attacking ratios don't matter. What important is scoring number and now you are pulling numbers for attacking ratios:wall:that's hypocrisy at its finest!

    By the way, Matthias isn't it forbidden to have multiple accounts in this forum?🤔

  • Is every one of your posts gonna be about how great Italian teams are? I really like Novara and Conegliano but i would love for them to lose here, just so you can shut it