2019 FIVB Women's Club World Championship

  • Veljkovic will be out few weeks due to a calf injury. No way to win against Eczacibasi tomorrow.

    Free pass for ECZ. They were already the favourite and I do think they would have won even if Fefa had been there. But it would have been way more difficult.

    Facing Arrighetti (who has passed her prime many seasons ago and even in her best days, wasnt a top MB), there is a looooow margin for Novara. Fefa was always between in the top3 scorers for the italian club. As well as a blocker she was very important in order to help Sansonna where to defend and cover the court. This is also a reason why the libero has been playing so well in defense in the last matches.

    Vasileva and Courtney would need to play the match of their lives.

  • Gibby getting dug the entire time,but finally showing some blocking presence today...

  • You can say whatever but Kosheleva is attacking really good.. hard and over the block

    It means nothing if she can't score. 2/13 is awful even for Minas' wing spikers

  • Weird to see Ognjenovic totally ignoring her middles. Maybe cause Guidetti wasn’t happy with her trying to force Rasic yesterday?

  • Boring match so far.No surprises.I feel for Zhu,watching from the bench...

  • After the first game against Minas, where Kosheleva scored 28 points, his team's last 2 matches were very bad.

    In the game against Conegliano, 10 attack attempts, only 2 points.

    Today, against the Eczacibasi Vitra team, 12 attack attempts, just 2 points as well.

    Against large teams and efficient blocks, Kosheleva's game is not good.

    Many fans were excited about the player's return and good form. However, when played at a high level with good players, Kosheleva is not the same.

    Their best foundation, which is the attack, is no longer like years ago and time passes for all players.

    Not to mention all the tactical scheme that even in the Chinese team had to exist for her to play. Shifting opposites to the pass, changing pointers to the opposite position to cover Kosheleva's reception and defense.

    It's worth having a player, that's fine, shone and scared the world with her attacks in the 2010-2015 cycle, but it's 2020.

    Is she really useful to the national team? Outside? Opposite? Holder? Reservation?

    Big clubs usually seek to renew their contracts with good players who contribute to the teams, look at the big players in the world, they are always on 2 or 3 year contracts with big teams. For the past 5 years, Kosheleva hasn't stopped at any team, played at 5 different ones. And in 100% of them, as opposed to having to go through, tactical scheme prepared for her to break in the attack, and nothing done (had the bruise, but even before the bruise, it already existed).

    Let's wait for the scenes of the next chapters.

  • Gabi :white::white: what an amazing player she is