2019 FIVB Women's Club World Championship

  • Applause for Hill, who for once did not crack under pressure when she had to serve when they where 10-14 down in the fifth set!:lol:👏

  • Maja shouldn't set to Gabi this much, I thought she will finally set to Haak at that last point

    Literally Zehra was there waiting to kill the ball at 10-14, 11-14, 12-14 but Maja insisted Gabi. I'm sure Zehra would have killed the ball, she was perfectly positioned and there was perfect reception.

    Maja looked tired af in the end though, she played good up until that point but lost everything when she thought they had won.

  • Vakifbank was so close. Gabi was doing so great...😥

  • Dear Imoco,

    Next time you wanna win a match,please do it without causing half of your audience (myself included) to go into cardiac arrest.

    Thank you.

    Crovolley is probably dead right now :rolll:

  • Oh my God what a match!!!! What a tie break!!! What a came back!!

    Egonu killed (I think) every single ball she was set to during the heated part of the tie break, no matter where she was attacking from!!

    And I really appreciated Ebrar cold blood, great serves and a great parallel from 2 in crucial moments! Same for Zhera ^^

    Gosh I still can't believe it. Congrats Imoco :heart: I knew it was going to be tougher than anticipated – and now I'm crossing my finger for Novara!

  • The fifth set was won by Egonu alone with some contributions from Hill and de gennaro and errors from Vakifbank. Fuck my neck is so hot from all the nerves and excitement.

    I am still shaking. How did those girls even manage to play? Vakif should have closed the match. Conegliano is still Conegliano except Egonu. Nothing legendary over there except Egonu and De Gennaro. All other chokers are still choking as they always do.

  • I thought just in the last set that she could change to Haak. Gabi was at the moment 14-10 the best attacker on tie break.

  • Imoco is surely a better team but this was Gabi's lifetime match and Gunes and Ebrar were also having an amazing night. I'm so sad and sorry that Gabi didn't kill any balls towards the end.

  • I’m not ready for another match yet, I need to calm down. :lol:

  • Applause for Hill, who for once did not crack under pressure when she had to serve when they where 10-14 down in the fifth set!:lol:👏

    Rasic or Adams would crack:lol:

  • Talking about Rasic, it's been a few years since she hasn't shown that fire she used to have before. Is the other turkish MB so bad?!

  • Every set goes to Egonu:

    Crovolley: "smart play, our queen Egonu!!! joanna so smart!!!":rose::drink:

    Every set goes to Boskovic:

    Crovolley: "vitra all about Boskovic!!so boring!!:down::down:

  • If Gio didn't replace Ebrar in 14-10, they would win, yeah, I said it :P

  • The other match will start on time? Do they warm up in another court?