2019 FIVB Women's Club World Championship

  • I`m glad Vitra won....but this match was could not be any lower level as it was.

    I honestly can`t enjoy Vitra`s game this season.....and I can not even enjoy Boskovic ;(. Motta should not be letting this happen.

    Since Boskovic already won this tournament and MVP in this tournament. I won`t mind at all with Conegliano & Egonu winning.

    Boskovic super pissed in her interview. She`s not happy, but I don`t think she`s not only with with the way she`s played....She`s pissed with something else I think.

  • It's gonna be ECZ vs Imoco after all... however kudos to Novara for taking it to a fifth and staying in it till the very end, especially without Stefana...Let's all hope that both teams rest well after their exhausting games today so we can all watch great matches tomorrow,and may the best win!

  • Uhhh that was so closed, I was really hoping Novara could take it home!

    Overall not the greatest match ever, but I'm glad Novara proved to be tougher than people were expecting – after all, they didn't end up there by chance.

    Brakocevic has been great!

  • If Zhu had stepped onto the line at 14x13 in the quarterfinals of Rio 2016... :lol::lol::lol::heart::heart::heart:

    hahaha,maybe brasil got another gold,but we all know she is a player who controls errors well....because less errors means more chances to win this point

  • And finally the opening match and closing match is played by the same teams: Eczasibashi and Conegliano.

    In preliminary round, egonu played super like she does every matches, but boskovic was not good in that match.

    Egonu vs Boskovic will be epic tomorrow. However the backgroud for them seems not fair: Woloz vs Lloyd, Ecz MB vs Imoco MB

  • I know that is early and also that award sometimes is not realistic but i realy love dream tream award and predictions.

    s ognjenovic

    opp egonu(or if fivb make decision to award some other opp i prefer Haak or Brako🥺 because her contribution at all, Boskovic played good but under her ability)

    oh hill

    oh ebrar or gabi

    mb zehra

    mb guveli

    l de gennaro

    mvp egonu for sure( never mind the result of final egonu desrve this title at all)

  • That match between imoco and vakif was one of the best matches i have seen and maybe that is why some of you here can't convinced that eczacibasi vs novara match was also great.

    I think Hill and EGUNO duo is one good rotation when they are both in front that 5th set i thought wolosz will give it to egonu but damn after that perfect reception from hill, wolosz believed that hill deserves that set and she smashed it!

  • Just like CEV, all the awards are decided even before the tournament starts. I would not be surprised at all if Zhu takes MVP and Rasic best Middle :)

  • Turkey goes to the Olympics - players are awesome

    Eczasibasi undefeated in CL and TL - luck

    Eczasibasi loses two sets to Novara - Motta is awful

    LOL at the logics in here...

  • what I know is that the awards are mainly decide before the final match, not actually before the tournament. It doesn't make any sense at all...dear Lord

  • Praia wins Superliga, SuperCup, South American Championship etc = Claudinha is terrible, but Praia was lucky for whatever reason.

    Praia lose everything in the following Season without Claudinha as setter = Praia is just unlucky because Minas was stronger and they had Micheli.

    LOL at the logics in here....

    We r all using the same logic honey <3

  • Praia never won South American Championship... last year they were in World Championship because of wildcard

  • I dont novara is weak.but this tournament makes me confused.

    Tianjing 2:3 Novara,Vakif 2:3 Novara.vitra 3:2 Novara.we all know how terrible tianjin is

  • Vitra's main problem is their attack transition and lack of depth. Obviously, losing Larson, Meliha and Guildenez is going to take a toll on the team when one of Natalia or Kim isn't playing well.

    I don't believe Natalia is the perfect replacement for Larson. She's an attack OH and Larson is a classic LH2 which fundamentally abolishes the system they used to had last season.

    This team can't push itself anymore maybe due to the age of the players and it doesn't help that their MBs are not as helpful as other teams when it comes to the attack. Natalia is slower and the injuries she suffered during her career most likely is contributing to her decline.

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