2019 FIVB Women's Club World Championship

  • Just look at the matches...

    Do you think is it normal to change boskovic by double substitution? Eczasibashi always suffer in making points when boskovic is out.

    Also his substitution timing is always late and he changes players when opponents take initiatives even no change at all till the end of the game, not to mention late timeouts.

    He just rely so much on starting line ups, making games worse when starting players suffer that day.

    Gibbemeyer is not good compared to other teams middle, even not better than the turkish ones, he never changes her.

    Although gamze is not a reliable good setter, she has ability to change the game's atmosphere when Lloyd is not good. However, he just puts her in by double substitution, usually making the situation worse.

    He makes results by players power. Other coaches would do better than this. How many things the team can do when you have amazing wings like boskovic-kim-natalia??

  • Praia NEVER won the South american champions and won the Supercup with ANANDA not Claudinha.

    Kisses, honey

  • Is this a video to expose the bad sets by Lloyd?

    The first sets are really tragic in this video.

  • I like the connection between Carli and Beyza. Hopes Beyza and Yasemin improving. To hava good local MB will be a huge acchievement fro ECZ.

  • Ad C.Bosetti in Conegliano.

    What defence, reception they would had.

    And even though Robin is my fave MB, her season in Conegliano is disaster. I hope for much stronger attacker.

  • If a team can afford Zhu, Gabi, Maja and Haak/Egonu all together there is no more pleasure watching volleyball. Everything is already decided.

    Well, dream teams already failed in the past, just look the recent history of Eczacibasi :gone:

    But I want to see Gabi and Zhu together, just these two. Zhu already said that she thinks that Gabi is one of the most complete players, and Gabi said the same about Zhu, it would be so epic they playing together! :super:

  • Gabi and Haak....They kept thanking Maja for the good sets over and over throughout the whole match..... That was the highlight of the match for me. We usually don`t see that, especially coming from younger players. Haak and Gabi deserves every single penny they are making. :love:

    I just feel for Ebrar because she proved she can play. But when the new foreigner OH arrives, she will lose her starting spot in CL, and might not even start in TL, unless Gui plays with Maja as starter.

    Zehra has been such a beast. :box:

  • I don't get it why Wolosz only gives 12sets in 5 sets to Folie when She is so great attacker :what: 8/12

    The best stats in the match for MB...

    Conegliano is missing MB attacks and Folie is here to get them even when Robin is not their.

    Folie was great whole tournament in blocking but today She floped in that part.

    Zehra and Folie could get the best MB awards.

  • So Folie was even 11/8

    And Egonu over 50% even with over 60sets

    Conegliano with 16th victories in the row, lets go even furthure tomorrow!!!!

  • I'm enjoying my day in Vienna but still my name as the most liked post.

    Your welcome Janko. :)

  • 3rd lose for Vakifbank this season against different 3 Italian clubs in 5th set, are they cursed?? :sos:

  • Conegliano should bring C. Bosetti in their team next season for sure!!!

  • Nightmare performance by Sylla and De Krujif. Sylla acts like elite OH but she is just a good player. Vakif stats are very good.

    Why nightmare performance by de Kruijf? I agree she isn't playing good at the moment, but at the important moments she was there. Also she contributed well in block. She isn't effective in her attack as she used to be. But I have to say Wolosz forcing her by going 3 times in a row to her and than gets blocked. The rest of the match she only gets like 3 sets. You show real confidence in your player:whistle: