2019 FIVB Women's Club World Championship

  • Zehra is gorgeous and she knows that... You see all the looks she gives to the camera, the way she talks.. :love:

  • Zehra is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, and she is 1 year younger than me :white::white:

  • If they keep 80% of their team for next season She will stay.

    She refused 250k€ bigger offer from Italian team Monza and I do believe they will rise her salary for next season for sure.

  • If they keep 80% of their team for next season She will stay.

    She refused 250k€ bigger offer from Italian team Monza and I do believe they will rise her salary for next season for sure.

    I guess it depends on the club success. Now winning the CWCC is the first step for her to stay there. And maybe she wants new challenges a different league?

  • Strap yourselves down, boys and girls. This was only the second one this year. There are 3 more to come. This will be a long club season, season of competitions with a pre-determined victor. And if squad stays the same, then that's another 5 next year. Even if not, then anything short of pairing 2 of the Big 3 will mean that Italian teams will win each and every European and World club titles, from now, until they are forbidden to pay their best players below market-value, as they currently do.

  • Monza didn't even play the CL, I think that was a great factor. Plus, imho Conegliano would have bigger chances of victory in Italy, even with Egonu in Monza rather than there, so I really can see her reasoning about that.

    Moving to a top Turkish team could still gave her the chance of playing (and winning) a CL and the league championship. And doing it the year after the OG, with the idea of going back in Italy before the next one, could be smart.

    I hope she'll stay in Italy, but I'd understand if she'll move.

  • Frankly, the system is so ready-made for manipulation that I'm surprised that it has only now happened. When a certain league has the luxury of paying world-class players much less than all the other best leagues in the world, AND for those players still to be grateful and willing to play year after year in that league, that right there is an inestimable starting advantage.

  • girl calm down, ur talking about pre decided victors when Santarelli was ready to pack his bags in the semi-finals :rolll:

    If anything the Semis and Finals have shown how close everything still is, Italian league is indeed improving the last couple years especially, Egonu is out of this world and Conegliano has a great system. That's just it though.

    I think this will do good for the Turkish clubs who won Club Wch 4 years in a row and the majority of the entire decade but now lost 2019 + CL 2019. Competition is great, and pushes everyone to become better.

  • Russia could have won Athens 2004, Brazil nearly won WCh 2010, Italy almost won WCh 2018, Turkey almost won ECh 2019...yet none of those things happened, and down the line, it won't really matter how close they came to the throne. Only the victor is remembered. So, "Santarelli was ready to pack his bags in the semi-finals" plays no importance.

    However, don't get me wrong. I would like nothing more than for you to be right, and for me to be overly pessimistic. But I somehow don't see "competition" being a word that will define the next few years in European club volleyball scene.

  • Sylla and Hill were very poor offensively as neither could score in the semi and final.

    Remember this happened a lot last season. CL final is the biggest example.

    But here's the catch. Last season they had Fabris, now they have Egonu.

    Egonu is the only player that can win a match on her own...not even Boskovic or Zhu can do it.

    But Egonu is human still....remember her 15 or so errs against Serbia?

    Conegliano would have lost in 3 the semis if they had no Egonu.

    Send Egonu back to Novara and let's see how powerful Conegliano will be 🤔

  • as we can see Maja set Gabi-Haak - Gabi-Haak - Gabi. She certainly did not insist on Gabi as it came off in the end. But Haak and Gabi simply failed to score. Haak had 2 big misses and that's why in the final play she went with Gabi.

    I wish she had set Zehra, but after Gui got pissed with her setting the middles previously, she did the right thing by not setting her. Throw that on his face.

    But she gave Zehra a few sets after the score was tied and so on.

    edit: She does set Zehra at 14-14, but she does not score. Woloz had a couple of great digs. Gabi just could not get past Robin.