2019 FIVB Women's U18 World Championship in Egypt

  • Wu MJ has an odd swing. Instead of keeping her chest parallel with the net she seems almost perpendicular to it.

  • Italy really sucked the life out of China in that 3rd set and China ain't getting it back. We're going to a Tie Break!

  • With these stupid streams it's tough to tell, but she went down, they cleared court, then she's at the bench crying while someone attends to her ankle. What a bummer

  • China falling apart. Italy digging in

  • These wimpy swings by China are killing me

  • Italy totally deserved that. Epic meltdown by China BECAUSE Italy took the life out of them. Congrats girls

  • At this level, if you have a coach like Mencarelli, it is easier to come back. :heart:

    He seemed pretty hands off to me, but how could I know 8)

    Keep us posted if you can about #19. She was still crying half way through the Tie Break. It seems pretty bad.

  • Looks like we'll be seeing some rematches for the finals USA vs Italy, and for the 3rd place match, China vs Brazil.

    Italy beat USA 3-2 in the preliminary round. Similar to this game against China, Italy were down 2 sets and made a comeback.

    China swept Brazil 3-0 in Pool A.

    Both games should be entertaining tomorrow.

  • Brazil 3–1 China. Brazil gets bronze. Congratulations girls.

    China almost forced a tie break from down 0–2, but alas. They just got so wimpy at the end of the day. Still like them a lot, though.

  • Tur-Egy 3-0

    With this score turkey got 9th place. It is disappointing result compared to their ECh bronze last year but they were without their best player Sude (OH) so this result was kinda expected. Also Aleyna Göçmen who is only 15 years old played as a starter which is a good sign for the following generation

  • Sude was MVP in U18 Balkan Cup that took place just before WCH, she must have been injured...

    Two other key players are missing from the squad, Peyman Yardımcı, lefty opposite who's a member of U18 Fenerbahçe team that won Turkish League...

    Peyman carried the team in offense in EYOF earlier this summer, during which Turkey beat Italy twice, both in groups and 3rd place match...

    Probably most important player missing is MB İlayda Uçak, who I feel is a better player than Merve Atlıer who won best MB in U20 WCh, She could have made a huge difference...

    So, because of an unlucky injury, coach Şahin Çatma's personal issues with some players, and messing with the team in EYOF probably to make his own mark, Turkey finished 9th in a tournament that they could have actually won...