2019 ASEAN Grand Prix (Sept 20–22, Thailand

  • I wonder if you've heard of her opposite hitter teammate, Kim Kiana Dy. She's a bit pretty too.

    My experience of PHI VB is limited to their national team :(.

  • sitenoise she was also on the NT last year. She played in the Asian games, I believe. This year, she got injured so she's not 100% and decided to skip NT.

    I googled her and she did look familiar in addition to pretty. I'm familiar with Thailand, but I'm just now starting to ramp up on the other SEA teams. I know a few of the famous players, but I'm really really really bad with names and getting then associated to faces/bodies. This ASEAN GP has been helpful introducing me, but I think I only made progress with PHI, and a little bit VIE.

  • :wall:

    Yeah, way to grow the game people :(

    I had planned to stay up/get up for at least the first match. Now, probably not. It might get picked up by the betting sites but what was so great about the first leg was the HD streams where you could actually tell who's who and what people look like.

    It's not the same:

  • I posted tables for the schedule, standings, and awards for Leg 2 into the first post of this thread** It's not clear to me when the matches are actually scheduled for, though, 15:00 or 16:00 for the first match each day. If anyone has a definitive source, please share.

    ** In case you wonder why I do that, it's so if someone googles the tournament to see what it's about, they can land on complete information and then continue reading and then join the forum and then help grow enthusiasm for Asian Volleyball on the English speaking Internet.

  • LIVE LINK #2

    I remember the guy commentator from the NEC Red Rockets Asian Club Championship in 2016, I believe. Maybe the female as well. Nice for me to have english commentary to hear names

  • Ha! It's Majoy "Barone" :)

  • I'm surprised these sets are even close. Seems like PHI is killing it :P

  • Date Score Set 1
    Set 2
    Set 3
    Set 4
    Set 5
    Total Video
    10/4 Philippines
    3–0 Vietnam 25–21 25–23 25–21 75–65 YT
    10/4 Indonesia
    0–3 Thailand 16–25 17–25 21–25 54–75 YT
  • LIVESTREAM: https://t.co/FrJ98GRnkR?amp=1


    Hey werka do you have a Volleydator link to the THA v INA match of yesterday? And do you think they will stream tonight? If they do, please share links.

    I don't quite understand what that Volleydator site is or how to search it, but they had the best streams. I can still download, but can't play, the PHI v VIE match so it looks they hang around for a bit.

    This is really fun (and kind of important) for me to have the English commentary. I found a couple streams on the youtube of THA v INA. The video is decent but the audio is weak.


  • I really like these commentators. If they were from the USA they'd be from Texas. I think the guy's name might even be "Tex". It was fun listening to them pour love all over "Barone, Best middle blocker". She had a good night. One thing I noticed about her is that she skips a lot when traveling from point A to point B. It's cute. And has a great right foot/left foot dance while determining where to go for the block. And a good serve.

    This Valdez player seems to have come in for Mau? She had some good moments but seems inconsistent. Paat was burning things up a bit. And Gonzaga had her moments but I'm partial to lefties.

    Not enough "Maddie" :( She's got work to do to bench Marano. Probably even more when the Santiago sisters return?

    One of the alternate setters looks very young. I think they both did okay, but I can see the advantage of ... uhm ... Robin-Hardy? I'm so bad at names it's embarrassing

  • Thailand - Phi later

    No Valdez, Morado, Madayag, Robins-Hardy (may be out for the SEAG) and Mau

    Good luck to us :lol:

  • Thailand - Phi later

    No Valdez, Morado, Madayag, Robins-Hardy (may be out for the SEAG) and Mau

    Good luck to us :lol:

    Why are these players out, do we know? Injury?

  • Why are these players out, do we know? Injury?

    Valdez, Morado and Madayag have club commitment the very next day(Sat) in a different location than the SEA grand prix location. Mau is injured from 2 weeks ago in the Thailand leg. Hardy doesn't have the correct paper work to play and represent the Philippines. So basically she was playing as a foreigner/American for the Philippines 2 weeks ago lol. I honestly don't know how AVC let that slide.:aww::rolll:

  • Vietnam vs Indonesia | ASEAN Grand Prix Leg 2 | October 5,2019 Live