2019 ASEAN Grand Prix (Sept 20–22, Thailand

  • Can someone confirm this?

    from wiki.....

    Four national teams featured in the 2019 ASEAN Grand Prix.[2] Indonesia decided not to participate in the Philippine-leg of the tournament with a selection team from the Philippine Super Liga participating instead.[3]

    This is confirmed. It’s so weird tbh

  • predictions for today:

    🇵🇭 0 - 3 🇮🇩

    🇹🇭 3 - 1 🇻🇳

    Wait. Where are you getting your schedule from? ... unless my tiny flag recognition is wrong

    Isn't it:

    23px-Flag_of_Vietnam.svg.png 3 - 0 23px-Flag_of_the_Philippines.svg.png

    23px-Flag_of_Thailand.svg.png 3 - 0 23px-Flag_of_Indonesia.svg.png

    I feel like a third-grader. I had to look up the flags :aww:

  • Check out TwoCityTrails / Volleycenter on twitter

    I'm not very good at using the Twitter but it looks like Wikipedia has it wrong :huh:

    Matches will be live on the uTube:

  • 1–1

    The two secret big people are doing okay. The setter does loom large, the OH has more 'I'm big' air about her.

    Mary Joy Baron is a really cool looking tight bun middle blocker. Extreme super model. Cool name and plays very well. I want her to come play in Japan.

  • Madayag and Baron running the middle so well. When Jaja returns, maybe she should stick to OH for NT.

    PHI crushes it in set 3 (25-12). I didn't see this coming from the looks of the first set. But they're getting in rhythm now.

  • She's actually a ramp/runway model too.

    I'm taking that seriously.

    I'm in love with this odd couple PHI middle blocker team. Madeleine "Maddie" Yrenea Madayag is a little goofy and Mary Joy Baron is everything else :heart: They know what they're doing.

  • A little slippage there. Tie Break!

  • Oh well. It was fun for the most part

  • Prediction:

    1st - Thailand
    2nd - Vietnam
    3rd - Indonesia

    Experience - Philippines lol

    PHI NT Management and Staff is very delulu and incompetent right now. Skipping AVC tournaments so that the team won't be scouted for a tournament that does not even have bearing for FIVB standings. Also missing the services of Jaja Santiago and Dindin Manabat.

    The Philippine fed is saying that they want to avoid being scouted, but the reality is (or so a good source said) is that the head failed to get sponsors on time. This makes sense because towards the end of 2018, they announced with full confidence that they'd be participating in at least three AVC competitions. Come early 2019, all of a sudden they "miss the deadline" set by AVC.

    I don't think Kalei Mau and Alohi Robins-Hardy are secret players. Nobody said anything about this. Besides, videos of them can be easily found on YouTube. Jaja's case, though, can't be just blamed solely on the fed. Ageo Medics simply refused to give her enough time to play. As for her sister, I actually thought she would play (LOL). She hasn't issued any statement that she isn't playing (or has she?). It is clear, though, that she's going back to Japan to play.