Philippine NT 2019

  • Since there is no PHI 🇵🇭 NT thread here, might as well have one created for the team.



    OH: Kalei Mau (6'1"), Eya Laure (5'10"), Ces Molina (5'11")
    OPP: Mylene Paat (5'11"), Jovelyn Gonzaga (5'7"), Aiza Maizo-Pontillas, (5'11")
    MB: Aby Marano (5'8", C), Majoy Baron (6'0"), Maddie Madayag (5'11"), Roselyn Doria (5'11")

    S: Alohi Robins-Hardy (6'3"), Jia Morado (5'6")

    L: Kath Arado (5'5"), Dawn Macandili (5'0")

    Head Coach: Shaq de los Santos
    Assistant Coaches: Kungfu Reyes, Bryan Esquibel


    OH: Alyssa Valdez (5'9"), Jema Galanza (5'7"), Jerrili Malabanan (5'11"); Marjana Phillips (6'0")

    OPP: Dindin Santiago-Manabat (6'2"), Tots Carlos (5'9")

    MB: Jaja Santiago (6'5"); Mika Reyes (6'0")

    S: Iris Tolenada (5'8"), Gel Cayuna (5'8")
    L: Denisse Lazaro (5'6")


    OH: Isa Molde (5'9", C), Roselyn Rosier (5'9"), Angel Canino (5'11"), Lyann de Guzman (5'9"), Alleiah Malaluan (5'10"), Jewel Encarnacion (5'7"), Ivana Agudo (5'7"), Judith Abil (5'7"), Mary Anne Mendrez (5'11")

    OPP: Faith Nisperos (5'11"), Ysa Jimenez (5'10"), Lycha Ebon (5'11")

    MB: Alexis Miner (5'11"), KC Galdones (5'9"), Imee Hernandez (5'10"), Janna Torres (5'10"), Marist Layug (6'0"), Jeannette Villareal (5'8")

    S: Alina Bicar (5'4"), Mafe Galanza (5'5")

    L: Justine Dorog (5'4"), Justine Jazareno (5'5"), Ria Duremdes (5'3"),

  • What the PHI needs are a few stable 2nd OH that aren't used much for attacking and more for reception with the libero. I've heard Pons and Ara are good in that aspect and should be included on the NT pool if available and healthy enough.

    A tall line up may seem intimidating, but if your team can't pass a good ball to the setter, there is not many chances to set the ball properly or use the middles either at times and render your tall team rather useless. It's all about balance.

  • Speaking of 2nd contacts. I just watched my new hero Mary Joy get one and set it to Mau (I believe) for a pipe attack. After she set it she started lollipoppin' her way back to the middle as if she had enough time to get ready for the next play from the other side instead of finishing the one she started. Mau made a wimpy hit and Thatdao tapped it back to the floor. Mary Joy should have and could have gotten it if she was in the moment. She's in my doghouse a little bit now. That's the kind of thing you can't do if you want to get to the top.