• The partecipating teams already reserved their players for the next season.

    Apparently Amazonas de Trujillo Alto will be back in Carolina as Gigantes de Carolina.

    Criollas de Caguas

    Karina Ocasio

    Stephanie Enright

    Diana Reyes

    Jennifer Nogueras

    Shara Venegas

    Pilar Victoriá

    Shirley Florian

    Valencianas de Juncos

    Lynda Morales

    Mariana Thon

    Yajaira Acevedo

    Paulina Prieto

    Xaimara Colón

    Ivonnesa Garcia

    Jenselyn Morales

    Polluelas de Aibonito

    Deborah Seilhamer

    Yozually Ortíz

    Gelymar Rodriguez

    Jessica Candelario

    Ashley Vázquez

    Neira Ortíz

    Viongelie Pimentel

    Indias de Mayagüez

    Kathia Sánchez

    Saraí Álvarez

    Normaris Vélez

    Jennifer Quesada

    Shirley Ferrer

    Raymariely Santos

    Isabel Quintana

    Gigantes de Carolina

    Alba Hernández

    Georggette ‘Lizzie’ Cintrón

    Wilmarie Rivera

    Aury Cruz

    Vanessa Vélez

    Adriana Viñas Joy

    Aida Bauza

    Changas de Naranjito

    Andrea Rangel

    Noami Santos

    Legna Hernández

    Paola K. Rojas

    Paola Rivera

    Carola Biver

    Jennymar Santiago

    Llaneras de Toa Baja

    Natalia Valentín

    Dulce María Téllez

    Génesis Collazo

    Jizzyan Gesualdo

    Valeria León

    Kanisha Jiménez

    Yeaneska Matos

    Pinkin de Corozal are back for the next season. Lilibeth Rojas (former PR volleyball star) will be their president.

    Polluelas de Aibonito want to sell their place to another city.

    Orientales de Humacao asked for another dispensa (a permission to miss the season for various reason).

    In the next weeks we will know if the foreigners will be allowed again.

  • Final rosters.

    Criollas de Caguas Criollas de Caguas

    S: Glorimar Ortega, Carelis Rojas, Karla Colón

    OH: Stati Uniti Micaya White, Stati Uniti Azariah Stahl, Ivania Ortiz, Gabriela Alicea

    OPP: Karina Ocasio

    MB: Diana Reyes, Ana Sofía Jusino, Jetzabel Del Valle

    L: Shara Venegas

    Coach: Juan Carlos Nuñez

    Changas de Naranjito Changas de Naranjit

    S: Stati Uniti MacKenzi Welsh, Jennymar Santiago, Mariel Medina

    OH: Legna Hernández, Noami Santos, Nelmarie Cruz, Paola Figueroa, Isabel Quintana

    OPP: Andrea Rangel

    MB: Paola Rojas, Jenselyn Morales, Sol González

    L: Nomaris Vélez, Kiaraliz Pérez

    DS: Dianise Rodríguez

    Coach: Jamille Torres

    Indias de Mayagüez Indias de Mayagüez

    S: Ashley Vázquez, Jizzyan Gesualdo, Génesis Arroyo
    OH: Shirley Ferrer, Canada Kyla Richey, Mildrelis Rodríguez, Gabriela Colón,
    OPP: Saraí Álvarez
    MB: Stati Uniti Shelly Fanning, Shannon Torregrosa, Nicole Cruz, Angélica Padilla
    L: Valeria León, Dalianliz Rosado

    Coach: Javier Gaspar

    Llaneras de Toa Baja Llaneras de Toa Baja

    S: Bárbara López, Kathia Sánchez
    OH: Génesis Collazo, Kanisha Jiménez, Yeaneska Matos
    OPP: Turchia Yeliz Askan, Oneida González

    MB: Dulce Téllez, Shirley Florián, Jessica Candelario
    L: Debora Seilhamer, Pamela Cartagena, Nayka Benítez

    Coach: Luis Aponte

    Gigantes de Carolina Gigantes de Carolina *They keep playing in Trujillo Alto this season as well

    Amazonas de Trujillo Alto Amazonas de Trujillo Alto

    S: Wilmarie Rivera, Yamilet Velázquez
    OH: Áurea Cruz, Vanessa Vélez, Valeria Porrata, Kendra Rosario, Kelly Sánchez
    OPP: Aida Bauzá
    MB: Stati Uniti Raquel Kulak, Viongellie Pimentel, Lizzelle Cintrón
    L: Katherine Santiago, Adriana Viñas

    Coach: Xiomara Molero

    Valencianas de Juncos Valencianas de Juncos

    S: Génesis Viera, Yeleishka Vázquez
    OH: Stati Uniti Stephanie Niemer, Stati Uniti Alyse Ford, Keila Rodríguez, Carola Biver, Yajaira Acevedo
    OPP: Paulina Prieto, Jocelyn Kuilan
    MB: Ivonessa García, Paola Rivera, Sheila Ocasio, Nydiaris Burgos
    L: Stephanie Salas, Karelys Otero
    Coach: David Alemán

    Polluelas de Aibonito Polluelas de Aibonito *They asked for a dispensa

    Pinkin de Corozal Pinkin de Corozal

    S: Yamari Padilla, Paola Michelle Rivera
    OH: Stati Uniti Rebecca Perry, Gelymar Rodríguez, Guadalupe Bou, Ninoshka Vázquez, Yuliana Martínez
    OPP: Stati Uniti Lindsey Ruddins, Yozually Ortíz
    MB: Jocelyn Coronel, Zoe Sostre, Génesis Castillo, Yimarilis Calderón
    L: Yavianliz Rosado, Alexandra Rivera, Joely Cabrera
    Coach: Ángel Pérez

    Player = player signed during the season

    Player = player released during the season

    Player = former PR NT player

    Player = current PR NT player

    Player = foreign player

    Player = naturalized player

  • They are both reserved by their franchise, which means they will have to reach an agreement with their respective clubs.

    Few more announciaments.

    In juin Changas de Naranjito announced a trade with Indias de Mayaguez: Raymariely Santos is now a player of Changas and Carola Biver and Julymar Otero are now players of Indias de Mayaguez.

    Llaneras de Toa Baja made a trade with Polluelas de Aibonito: Neira Ortiz And Ashley Vasquez are now players of Llaneras de Toa Baja, while Valeria Leon and Jizzyan Gesulado are now players of Polluelas de Aibonito.

    Changas de Naranjito signed Lynda Morales and Jenselyn Morales. Paola Rivera Is no longer part of the team. I wait for more details about It.

  • I updated all the rosters. Ask me for more infos.

    Magically, right after the pre olympic tournament, LVSF was allowed to make international transfers by the NORCECA president... :whistle:

    Some of the best NT players are abroad.

    The league was deleted at first in the end of 2019, but they decided to play eventually.

  • I just noticed Pinkin de Corozal added the MB Zoe Sostre to their roster.

    Pinkin de Corozal won a 5 sets battle against Llaneras de Toa Baja at home. Lindsey Ruddins scored 43 points (34k, 3b, 6a).

    Llaneras de Toa Baja are so far the biggest disappointment of the league. They are the strongest team of the league on the paper IMHO, waiting for Natalia Valentín and Neira Ortiz to join the team when they're done with their foreing clubs for this season), but playing with 3 opposites and 0 outside hitter isn't working at all.

    Génesis Collazo is playing OH is she's a decent passer for a former opposite.

    Kanisha Jiménez is playing OH, but as a former opposite her passing isn't good.

    Yeliz Askan plays opposite or outside hitter without passing tasks.

    Oneida González is playing full time opposite.

    So far they play 2 ways:

    Collazo - Jiménez (OHs) + Askan (OPP)


    Askan - Collazo (OHs) + González (OPP)

    They have 3 liberos to make this work: Seilhamer (still the best libero in PR), Cartagena (who's playing as DF despite being one of the best liberos of the league, like she did last season with Criollas de Caguas) and former NT libero Benítez as second libero.

    Depending on which OH is on the back row, 2 scenarios happen:

    • Deborah Seilhamer and Pamela Cartagena (replacing on the back row the weakest passer - Jiménez - or the OH out of passing - Askan) cover 80% of the court and every service goes on Collazo, despite they try to hide her as much as possible.

    • Deborah Seilhamer covers almost 50% of the court and Génesis Collazo tries either to cover 35% of court, leaving a very little space to Jiménez, or the whole other half of court, in order to set Askan free; in this case, every service goes to Seilhamer, which is struggling like never before.

    So far, it doesn't work at all.

    They need a real all-around OH.

    And sidenote, they picked Shirley Florián as first choice of the draft, but she's doing nothing special so far (I guess she will be benched once Ortiz joins the team, so, somehow, they wasted a chance for a real strong OH in the draft, like it could be Daly Santana).

  • QueenPiccininiLover, when the league ends?

    Natalia Valentin won't return until end of polish league. The 5th match of the finals is scheduled for May, 7th.

  • QueenPiccininiLover, when the league ends?

    Natalia Valentin won't return until end of polish league. The 5th match of the finals is scheduled for May, 7th.

    The regular season will be over on april 19. The schedule for the play-offs isn't there yet.

    She may join any time when she's done with the polish league, even just for the final series. Not to mention, who knows how far her polish club will go?

    Last year Nogueras, Jusino e Victoría joined Criollas de Caguas during the play-offs. Pilar Victoría just played the games of the final series.

  • I don't know any of these people but I like this kind of post. It helps me learn another way to watch volleyball

  • She may join any time when she's done with the polish league, even just for the final series. Not to mention, who knows how far her polish club will go?

    Okay. You probably don't know but there is stupid system that losing team is not eliminated and they're fighting later in 5-8th place play-off and then mini-final for example for 7th place :D

  • LVSF allows its feanchises to reserve 7 players in order to reach the agreement for their contracts. Natalia Valentín was reserved by Llaneras de Toa Baja. When her season abroad Will be over, She can sign with her franchise if LVSF isn't over. For example Aury Cruz didn't play for a decade in her homeland because she was either busy or not intrested on playing LVSF, despite she was reserved the whole time by her franchises (Llaneras de Toa Baja, Gigantes de Carolina and now Amazonas de Trujillo Alto); this year she Is back to PR because of the facts in Caserta... So, Valentín has no obligation to sign for Llaneras, but she can as soon as she's over with her season in Poland. Most of the PR players abroad usually sign in their homeland once they can. In the recent years just Cruz, Enright and Santana missed LVSF.

  • LVSF + LVSM : QPL = V.League Division 1/2 : sitenoise


    Are you a hacker? :) That looks like hacker code

    I believe I've cracked the code: Boys and girls "L" Volleyball "S" for you is like Japan V1/V2 is for me :dance4::thumbup:

    [Edit] I googled the L&S, and I'm going with "Liga de Voleibol Superior Feminino" (very nice ring to that) over "Left Ventricular Systolic Function" which is a little dry and technical :teach:

  • Amazonas de Trujillo Alto surspised Changas de Naranjito at their home. They won a 5 sets battle with many up and downs.

    Stats HERE.

    Aurea Cruz 19

    Vanessa Veléz 16

    Aida Bauzá 10

    Andrea Rangel 23

    Poala Rojas 16 (7 blocks)

    Noami Santos 14

    Legna Hernández 11

    Nomaris Veléz always rocking with 34 diggs.

  • Today's 3 matches are postponed. Coronavirus may have reached Porto Rico (a panamian man tested positive, who was in PR, Miami and New York). Finger crossed nobody got infected.

    The league could be cancelled IMHO if is spreads in the island. ;(