Greetings, looking forward to learn more about Volleyball

  • Greetings Inside Volleycountry users,

    I stumbled upon this forums after a "Volleyball forum" google search that was sparked by my recent interest in Men's ECH 2019.

    History, first contact with Volleyball

    My first contact with Volleyball was when I was 6 years old when I stumbled upon Mila Superstar (Attack no. 1) on german television. As a kid I mostly watched the show because it was animated and I could watch it early in the morning, rather than for the sport itself but I still enjoyed the show as I didn't watch every animation that was running on tv.

    Playing experience

    I played a few times in grade school and I knew the basic rules but it wasn't until highschool that I started playing more and became more interested in the sport. We played Volleyball in PE almost exclusively, so I became a casual player and a fan. Our school didn't have a school club and I didn't join any real team but I did play casualy with an older amateur group at least once a week where I played the libero position. Due to my own training sessions in a different sport I didn't have time to play more often. Those four years were the only time I played in a team with designated roles with the intnetion of improving my game. Later I only played casualy for fun. Back then I also started following a domestic club and their international games in what was back then the CEV Top Teams Cup. However, that was the extent of my interest as I didn't follow the national league or any other competitions, outside of the NT.

    Reignited interest

    A couple of years back I started following the results of Women's VNL first and later also Men's VNL. In the beginning I would only check scores but I started watching the games soon after, at least those that I could catch on TV. Because I was becoming more interested in Volleyball and wanted to consume more of the sport I returned back to my first contact with Volleyball and watched an animated show about Volleyball called Haikyuu!! (ハイキュー!!). While this is a show aimed at mostly teenage boys it still made me think about Volleyball differently and more in depth.


    As it stands at the moment I'm about to take a teaching position at a school in Asia . There I would like to get involved with the schools Volleyball team, if possible, aot as a coach but either as a manager or a statistician (is that the correct term used in Volleyball?). I would like to learn more about this behind the scenes aspect of the game and try to help a team grow in that way.

    I'm looking forward to meeting new people and learn more about Volleyball.