• Last year during ECH and WC, it seems Goncharova plays better when Romanova is setting. I can't explain it, but as someone who watched all the NT matches, the connection between Startseva and Goncha really hasn't been "there".

  • I don't think this is possible. Russia will utilize Goncharova as much as they can because they have no known great sliding MBs.

    Efimova has actually improved the past year but still nothing to write home about lol

  • I don't think this is possible. Russia will utilize Goncharova as much as they can because they have no known great sliding MBs.

    What Goncharova have to do is to adjust to Startseva and Romanova's setting in VNL and long before the Olympics. She can't be without them during the VNL. It's their most important preparatory phase. Fatigue has always been an issue to her but this is not a good year to play the i-am-too-tired-carrying-dinamo-moscow-on-my-back card.

    If Russia's game plan is: throw everything at Goncha, I expect them to not make it pass the groups in Tokyo. I'd try something new.

  • I'm a bit insecure when it comes to setters tbh:aww:. Yes, in the league, the setters are playing with MBs a lot but unfortunately, this word is not valid for Startseva. I don't know if it would be a good idea to test Efimova, Anufrienko and even Novik before OGs. Yes, Startseva used to be the best setter in Russia but unfortunately now the setter who is playing old fashioned volleyball like her is not much even in the Russian league. I think their main problem is setters, not MBs:whistle:

    The best attacking MBs in the world know where to attack. They don't need a setter to call the shots.

    But that's not the primary duty of an MB. There's a reason they are called blockers instead of hitters.

    In my opinion, Russia probably needs to go back to molten balls in order for the new generation of MBs to speed up the play so the setters can become more creative. Mikasa evolved the block of russia but they are lost with the offensive side because chaos is everywhere when there's a bad reception. I don't think Koroleva will evolve further but maybe there's still hope for Lazarenko.

    But this is something that should be done after the olympics. There's just too little time and I doubt the improvement is going to be noticeable in Tokyo.

    If Russia's game plan is: throw everything at Goncha, I expect them to not make it pass the groups in Tokyo. I'd try something new.

    The last time Russia tried something different, they've beaten Turkey without Goncharova. Trust me, you don't want any of that. :lol:

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  • Personally, i'd like to see Goncharova as OPP with Lazareva and Parubets as OHs. Maybe Lazareva could pull off what Goncha did in London 2012. Russia needs firepower among the OHs to support Goncha. I thought Voronkova would be that OH but from what I've seen from last tear, she was quite unreliable in attack.

  • In particular, I believe that there are few doubts for the Russian team!

    Old players like Chaplina and Scherban have been called but I believe there is no more room for them.

    The ideal Russian team, in my opinion, consists of:

    Startseva - Romanova

    Goncharova - Lazareva

    Fetisova - Zaryazhko - Lazarenko (although I believe Buzato will choose Efimova)

    Parubets - Voronkova - Kurilo - Kosheleva (which will be tested in the League of Nations, if it continues to harm the team's receiving line, he can play as Goncharova's substitute)


    A huge list of 30 players is not necessary.

    I believe that after the Olympic Games a renovation work should be carried out, with Gorbunova, Brovkina, Kadochkina, Fedorovtseva, Akimova ... all aged 15/16 and above 1.90 in height.

    After the Tokyo Olympics, Goncharova and Kosheleva will say goodbye to the Russian team. Startseva can still continue, as age does not have much weight for her position.

    Parubets and Voronkova will be the team leaders in the 2020-2024 cycle.

  • Is the Russian team divided into 2 teams? Does it mean that Shcherban will only play for the Russian team if any players get hurt?

    She's on team B.

    I believe that the attackers who will go to Tokyo are: Kosheleva, Parubets, Voronkova and Kurilo. Goncharova and Lazareva too.

  • If we think that 12 players will go to the Olympics, Lazareva has less chance to make it Olympics because you can't take 6 hitters to the Olympics imo. Yes, I think the rest of the players (Kosheleva, Goncharova, Parubets, Voronkova, Kurilo) are real candidates for the Olympics.

    Russia can take 6 hitters IF they only bring 1 libero (Malova) but I don't think this will happen. Last spot is between Kosheleva and Lazareva and I agree with you Koshe has the edge on paper and experience-wise.

    Btw, good to see Lazarenko in A-team. I think she will be the perfect 3rd MB in Tokyo (can also be used as serving sub), but I believe the coach will call Efimova

  • Kosheleva is still a big question mark for me. Sure, she has some great moments at club world champs, but it was also shown there that she had troubles with big teams. This coming VNL will be a good opportunity to see if she still has it. Otherwise, Lazareva should be in the 12 players squad.

  • Russia 2016 OG roster

    Kosianenko - Ulyakina

    Goncharova - Malygina

    Fetisova - Zaryazhko - Shlyakhovaya

    Scherban - Voronkova - Kosheleva

    Malova - Ezhova

    ^So we could be seeing 6 out of the 12 players from Rio to Tokyo. We have a better setter duo this time in Startseva-Romanova, and the biggest addition to the team is Parubets. Also, not sure if Malova is performing well in Kazan or if she is still the best libero in Russia at the moment.

  • Kosheleva is still a big question mark for me.

    Honestly, the biggest question mark is Voronkova for me. Even Kosheleva, who recently joined the team, has taken Voronkova's spot. I can't say that Voronkova contributed more than Kosheleva. It will be better if Voronkova loses some weight because she has some difficulty in jumping.

    Parubets and Lazareva's arms are long and this is an advantage for them to attack well. Lazareva can become a good player if she improves her skills.

    The second question mark is the setter for me. I oft ask myself which setter is better but unfortunately I have no answer this question so far.

    Also, not sure if Malova is performing well in Kazan or if she is still the best libero in Russia at the moment.

    I think she is still performing well so far. Yes, definitely she is the best libero in Russia at the moment imo. Neither Galkina nor Pilipenko's performance is close to her performance.

  • I agree with Ksenia. Voronkova hasn't played in the last few weeks and did not play great before (still solid). Maybe she just needed some time out... We will see who will be playing for Loko in the playoffs.

    The setter position is still a problem. I think Startseva is doing better this season but I am not so sure about Romanova. So far her performances in the NT were dissapointing. There are no clear alternatives. Babeshina has a lot experience and had some good games taking over as starting setter in Moscow (struggled in the last few matches). I think Efimova has a good season and might be worth a try.

    Malova is still strong. I think Russia should only take her as a libero and six hitters. Olga Frolova could be one of the OH. She has the best reception stats (with Parubets and Maria Frolova) in league.

  • With the Olympics being postponed to 2021, this hurts Russia more than it benefits them. The team's main offensive weapon, Goncharova, will be 32 years old by the time (Kosheleva will be 33). If I remember correctly, Gamova was also 32 years old and Sokolova was 35 years old during London.

    Russia should really start looking for Goncha's heir-apparent this year. If not Lazareva, maybe Kadochkina is the answer.

  • I think Russia benefits from the postponement. I agree that Goncharova is not getting better but most players are not 30 yet. And the "old" ones (Startseva, Koroleva, Podkapaeva) should be able to play at the same level next year.

    The good thing is that Russia has now more time to find the right players and system. And there are several interesting young players (Kadochkina, Kotikova, Fedorovtseva just to name a few) and some players below 25 who need the experience of another season (O. Frolova, Iurinskaya, Lazareva, Simonenko and more). Also we can still hope that we find more options for the setter position.

    Kosheleva's chances to be part of the olympic team will be even lower next year (other OH are 5+ years younger).

  • Buzato convoca 25 jogadores em Anapa

    S: Startseva - Romanova - Novik

    OPP: Goncharova - Lazareva - Malygina - Stolyarova

    MB: Koroleva - Fetisova - Efimova - Lazarenko - Evdokimova - Zaytseva - Brovkina

    OH: Parubets - Voronkova - Kosheleva - Shcherban - Kadochkina - Fedorovtseva - Simonenko - Yurinskaya

    L: Malova - Pilipenko - Frolova


    Fedorovtseva - 16 anos - 1,91.

    Kadochkina - 17 anos - 1,92.

    Brovkina - 19 anos - 1,96

    Simonenko - 24 anos - 1,90.

    Shcherban, Malygina e Stolyarova estão de volta. Galkina, Kurilo e Khaletskaya estão fora.

  • Whoa. Galkina and Kurilo are out? At least Malova is back. How about Kotikova?