2020 / 2021 Transfer Rumors & Discussion (Female)

  • Geerties back to Schweriner?:( I mean she would be great for them, but she could be a good asset for teams as Monza, Casalmaggiore, Firenze etc.


    She would be perfect For Minas

  • She would be perfect For Minas

    Yes that's right! , but my wish is to see Balkestein-Grothues in Minas. She is the same sort of player as Geerties, but her passion fits the Brazilian style. I gues that will never happen:(

  • So Scandicci can look like this next season





    I love it :love:

    I hope Bricio will leave or Pietrini. There is no need for two players same type next to L.Bosetti. Bosetti will bring what Scandicci was missing this season. And Scandicci can play with only 2 foreign player what is great for them.

  • Eczacibasi is not into Thompson, fake news.

    The names Eczaibasi is interested in are Bartch/Hill and Ogbogu/Veljkovic .

    I haven't heard about foreign setter yet. Carlini might be option for Eczacibası, Zhu won't come back to Vakıf cause of Tokyo2021 and Vakıf might not let Ebrar go to THY, so THY can't have foreign setter...

    What is the official rule for that youngsters can't leave their clubs until they reach to certain age? Was it 21 or 22? I can't find the information in federation's website:teach:

  • Rachael Adams (MB, USA) coming back to Conegliano ??

    But if Robin is staying than her role will be as Ogbogu this season :aww: and what is up with Fahr, I mean She is going to be 4th MB, girl stay in a club where are you going to play as you did in Firenza....

    So if both Adams(Rachael and Mckenzie) are coming to Conegliano, they can't transfer any USA player so that could mean that Kim Hill is leaving.

    Carlini and Thompson rumors are getting stronger for Ezcacibasi.

    It looks like Plummer(USA, OPP) is staying after all in Monza and Jovana Stevanovic (SRB, MB) is coming to Monza.

    Samantha Bricio(MEX, OH) -> Monza

    All rumors coming from ivolleymagazine

  • Kakolewska(POL, MB) is probably coming back to Poland, Chemik Police.

  • Russia hasn't great setters by themselves, except for Startseva and Romanova. If both of them doesn't want to play for your team, you have to sign a foreign setter.

    As a setter in the Russian volleyball system you don't have to be technical the best. If you can give a well played ball and especially when they are out of system, there are strong hitters to finish it off.

    I think Dijkema could do that job, because she always had a good connection with Plak. Take Zivkovic as example, she isn't the best setter but she is doing a good job in Kaliningrad!

    I know it but Moscow has a very experienced Russian setter - Babeshina. Maybe they should try her ? I always find Dijkema annoying :D I like the other setter from The Netherlands - Bongarets way more.

  • Some rumors from Chinese social networking sites:

    Tianjin: Sloetjes (OP/NED) & Andrea Kossanyiova (OH/CZE)

    Shanghai: Larson (OH/USA) & Kaja Grobelna (OP/BEL)

    Beijing: Kim (OH/KOR) & Dixon (MB/USA)

    Guangdong: Rabadzhieva (OH/BUL) & Bjelica (OP/SRB)

    Jiangsu: loaned Zheng Yixin (MB) from Fujian

    Liaoning: Zhu (OH/CHN) & Hayley Spelman (OP/USA)

  • EZC lost great OH duo KYK-Natalia, again brand new team over and over again.

    But Hill and Bartsch can be great OH duo, with great setter. Carlini, I don't think so.

    Thompson as OH, no, no. For team as Gala and THY yes, but for this big club...

    I'm so sad that We will not watch KYK in Italy ;(

  • Rabadzhieva will not play for Minas anymore?

  • I don't think there is a rumor of Rachel Adams coming back to Conegliano. It is Mackenzie Adams and some web sites made a confusion.

  • I know it but Moscow has a very experienced Russian setter - Babeshina. Maybe they should try her ? I always find Dijkema annoying :D I like the other setter from The Netherlands - Bongarets way more.

    Dijkema showed many times she is not the setter you would want in your team if your aim is to win trophies. I don’t know the current form of Babeshina but generally I would choose Babeshina over Dijkema.

  • Would be better to moscow to hire an all around OH. Babeshina played great a couple of years ago in Urallocka.

  • Almost the same, she told Chinese media that she hoped to return to Guangdong once the epidemic was under complete control. She loves coach Fang Yan

    when a club pays you better salary,good food,nice city,friendly teammates and coach,beautiful house and warm climate of the whole year,I think nobody would choose other clubs.Guangzhou or Shenzhen are nice cities in the south of China.near Hong Kong and Macau.also she also can travel in Shanghai and Beijing.

  • https://twitter.com/wofvolley/…/1246816178535874560?s=21

    What is the foreigner limit in Turkey? And is there a limit as to the number of foreign players of the same nationality?


    there is no limit afaik based on nationality