EuroVolley 2021-Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria & Croatia

  • Oh my. How wrong was I to think Turkey would sweep over Serbia. :white:Congrats, Serbia!

  • This legendary sets from De Gennaro to Egonu are out of this world :rose::rose::rose::rose:


  • The OSSRB decided to distribute the rest of the unsold tickets for the finals free of charge.

  • With Sylla probably out and with this almighty Boskovic I give Italy very few probabilities to win the Championships. I see 90% Serbia and 10% Italy.

    Very futile attempt for a jinx as your favourite teams and players are mainly Italian. Without writing something with a similar style in order to counter your attempt, I acctually do believe the entirely opposite. The team of Italy is coming fresh from a non-contest, more or less, whereas the Serbians are exhausted arriving into the finals from a gruelling "life or death" battle. Most pivotally, Boskovic ought to be worn-out deluxe and half-dead after today while the main guns of Italy, i.e Egonu and Pietrini, on the other hand were way more scarcily used in the game vis-a-vis the Netherlands, and this factor of a presumptive smoother recovery for Italy has to be taken seriously into the equation in their favour imo.

    Besides, Sylla has been a non-factor for Italy in this ECH and without her presence they would likely purely ameliorate their chances in the final, hence the basis for this argument is devoid of logic. Of course, Miriam has to be given credit for compensating her second-rate attack with being a first-rate disaster in reception, albeit hardly to the benefit of her teammates, unfortunalety.

  • It was really hard to support Italian team in Tokyo and it's really hard not to enjoy watching them playing right now. I don't want to associate all of progress to change of a setter, because it would be unfair to Malinov: Orro has her ups and downs, and Italy looks to be in much better shape for whatever reason overall, but yeah, Orro's connection with middles and sets to zone 4 are so much better that it gives itself different quality to Italian game in terms of set distribution. Basically, you can put hypothetically Bosetti in place of Sylla, imagine Egonu in a better shape and this is what you could've expected from Italy before NT season. It's still far from perfection, but this is finally a quality team, with a lot of potential to grow with really young girls in a starting lineup after all. Oh, and there are finally some decent subs used by Mazzanti with Parrocchiale being useful. Kinda sad Italy has to lose OG to make Mazzanti come to some obvious conclusions, but yet it's worthy he's finally done it. I guess everyone watching Serie A knows that Orro is really good in Monza, so it's not suprising that she can make use of Danesi on NT level as well as in a club, for example.

    But no matter how refreshing is watching Italy playing solidly, there's no Bosetti, Egonu is again easily outplayed by Boskovic in the same competition, there's no Fahr as well, no one knows what Sylla will be able to show in a final regardless of health issues. So Italian reception is shaky, Italy can get caught in spiral of errors, Egonu doesn't give an edge she used to give in a club not that long time ago. Obviously, Serbia has its limitations as well, I don't think even Serbia fans are willing to argue that without OHs playing much better this team isn't gold medal-contending team at WCH/OG level, but this is what it makes this final really entertaining. We (rightfully so) thought that ECH will be 2nd tier competition this season with OG prior to Euro, but in reality: Italy plays for saving their year (winning ECH is a big success no matter what, Serbia is a first real test about where they are right now, so final doesn't mean that much IMHO draw-considered), and Serbia could've been satisfied with medals at OG and ECH on its own, but they play at home, so the pressure will be huge to keep their winning streak in Europe alive. And yet both teams are far from being on a level (from some pure perspective of level of play) that would satisfied both sides. So it sounds like 50/50 game with both teams having their advantages in different areas. I wouldn't be suprised if Bosko (MVP regardless of a final IMHO) is able to push her team to another prestigous victory.

    About Netherlands, I think they're in similar position to Poland in 2019, in terms of using favorable draw, having basic limitations in its roster (lack of opposite and decent MBs as for now in their case), but also having group of talented, younger girls that may strengthen their team or improve with time, with WCH '22 at home in mind. So I don't expect Netherlands to actually win a medal against Turkey, but I am also afraid that you'll be in a better shape in a year from now than Poland.

  • Very futile attempt for a jinx as your favourite teams and players are mainly Italian.

    Yes, I am Italian, but I love volley too. And who’s going to stop Boskovic? :drink:

  • Pasini wrote earlier today that the decision will be made shortly before a match and there are worries that she won't be ready, I don't know if there were any updates since.

    I will sound mean, but finally we are gone watch Gennari-Pietrini duo. This is the best Italian OH line up that they have.

  • My God matches are today I was thinking it is tomorrow and I had everything planned ;(;(;(

  • What time are the matches? I can’t open the website

    Turkey VS the Netherlands will start now.

    Serbia VS Italy at 8 pm local time.

  • Ebrar, dig machine :)