EuroVolley 2021-Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria & Croatia

  • Congrats Croatia, securing second sport after 4th win in the row.

    Santarelli really made great job with this girls and I think they have reached max., it needs to be realistic. We don’t have high level players so we can’t challenge top team, but at least they don’t play mess game and they look good in the court. Organized, Peric is running nice game so overall I’m very happy. :)

  • And to add Bozana Butigan again great performance with 15points, 4blocks again.

    Working with Santarelli and Conegliano really helped her a lot to grow as player.

    To bad that We don’t have one more MB like her to fast system even better, with Dumancic is not gone happend. Her stats are terrible, but Santarelli is not giving Samadan or Strunjak any chance…

  • Orthmann showed why she lost her place in starting six :gone: Terrible reception, and she can't make up for that in attack. I hope she'll regain a better shape in Scandicci next season...

    What happened to her? She seems to be best oh of their generation and since pandemic she lost her volley

  • Serbia without Maja, what happened to her?

  • He could let Lazovic into the field:rose:

  • Serbia without Maja, what happened to her?

    Commentator said that is just coach decision to rest her. But yes, It is strange that she isn't even in 14.

  • Bošković with 24pts. in just 2 sets :sos:

    Serbia need Boskoball even against Azerbaijan. Hope that Lazovic will start in 3rd and make some contribution from OH side.

  • Lazović :box:

    I dream that she will come out in the match with Russia, but as for a change, probably:obey::cheesy:

  • I will cheer against Serbia if Lazovic won't be in starting line up against Russia and in knockout phase.

  • So late ro comment but just watched the TR-NL game. I hated that Gui never subbed Hande when she was bad both in attack and defence. He had the comfort of the lead and all else was working so it was the perfect time to warm ilkin for greater competition. What's gonna happen if Hande continues her slump or gets injured. Sub in ilkin then against Serbia for the first time or Meliha the nonfinisher. Two games in a row gui wasted the opportunity to keep his bench on edge.

  • What happened to her? She seems to be best oh of their generation and since pandemic she lost her volley

    not really, best Oh of her generation is Britt Herbots, this was the case for many years