EuroVolley 2021-Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria & Croatia

  • I don’t like it when there is a defendable ball and players act like they are in slow motion

    Youp I wanted to punch Cansu how slow She was after Eda slow down Boskovic attack :wall:

  • Kudos to Tugba! She showed some real maturity at the end of set both in attack and reception:obey: Hope she finally gets a chance to show what she is capable of in Vakifbank this season!

    Serbian block is disappointing me so far... They are too late most of the time?(

    Didn't expect this from her. She's feisty in court :super:

  • And We are gone surprised when Lazovic gets blocked after She didn’t get single set in 1.set. Build her confidence dear Maja :aww:

  • If anyone wants another link, this is Direct Tv Sports (in Spanish). It is HD quality.

    Ps: Thanks God Turkiye won the first set after 8 set points, otherwise it would have been difficult from them to recover for it. This makes the match way more interesting.

    Ps: I have listened to Lets get loud from JLo in Belgrade these days more than what I have listened to her all my life. It is a nice song, but maybe time to change. Probably the Serbian DJ is a big fan of Jennifer.

  • And now Lazovic also involved in attack! Let's go and help out Boskovic:box:

  • I just realize that Popovic has a really good jump, she's like a spring.

    That one replay seemed her head was a couple feet above the net

  • Is boskovic not using jump serve to keep her energy for attacking 100 sets?

  • Zehra is very off today!😞

  • Nice choice Cansu :thumbup: