EuroVolley 2021-Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria & Croatia

  • Idk, I'm between heartbroken and angry in, suddenly Milenkovic and Popovic become legendary receivers while they had been terrible up until this point... What's there to say. Serbia and Boskovic definitely deserved it, also Serbia found Lazovic, the follow-up to Mihajlovic. Turkey had 0 answer to Boskovic, 0. I'll be rooting for Serbia in the final if I manage to watch.

    In Turkey once again, great team doing well, Gio can't adjust to the opponents adjusting in-game. Never does his subs have a positive impact and it's starting to bother me. Zehra again choked in an important game, she was being cocky earlier, so kinda deserved to flop tbh. But I don't see her spike like she used to anymore at all, she used to spike so commited Idk, terrible game. Imo Tugba and Hande were good and so was Ebrar. Serbia just played more consistent until Turkey fell apart as they did and always do.

    IDK. When will this country ever be succesful at anything :rolll: Oh well, I guess, maybe we're being too greedy. Working your way up from the ashes is something to be even more proud of, who knows, maybe soon :super: Our journey as a volleyball team reminds me of the USA tbh, maybe we have been not as succesful as them of course but another similar team that always kept fighting and doing well in every tournament but never winning the main tournament, until they did 8) Let's hope we can see the same fate for these girls one day.

  • Lazovic brings so much energy and fire on to the court that I think is almost as important as her attacking and receiving. Players talk all the time about how it’s hard to motivate themselves to win something they’ve already won before, so having a good player who still hasn’t got those achievements helps so much to energize the rest of the players I think

  • Well now it's time for Italy - the Netherlands after this trilling first semi-final:cheesy:

    I don't have high hopes for a victory for the Netherlands, but it's already a good achievement they made it to the final 4! Hope they can altleast show a good performance, so maybe they can upset Italy:) Good luck to the Dutch team:heart:

  • Elena Pietrini without any doubt the best OH at this year ECH trough the whole competition.

  • Everyone playing good at Italian side except Egonu, She is not yet at her best level. I mean She is playing like any other OPP but We are used from her much more.

    Lets see if She is gone wake up.

  • Too much unforced errors by Dutch team so far and Buijs has difficulties killing the ball...

    BTW who on earth decided that this referee leads a semifinal at the ECH:wall:

  • I think it's clear Dutch middle blockers lack experience/ quality (for now) to compete at the highest level?(

  • De Gennaro such a crazy libero what an reaction from her in defence :sos::sos::sos:

    Bujis 8% and Nika only 25% in attack….

    She literally didn’t receive single serve in this first set :rolll: Dutch team doesn’t even try to serve on her.

    Both Egonu and Pietrini with 7points after 1.set.

  • Is Plak still not in match level required physical form after the whole summer? This left hander Opp can’t contribute anything for the Dutch team.

    I think we have to be realistic from now on as much as I love her a lot as well... Plak won't be the hope of Dutch NT offense-wise until she improves... If she does. She just ain't good atm.

  • What a set from Orro to Danesi :sos:

    Mazzanti are you seeing how they are playing as a team without Malinov, what chance you have lost at Olympics :hit:

  • I think we have to be realistic from now on as much as I love her a lot as well... Plak won't be the hope of Dutch NT offense-wise until she improves... If she does. She just ain't good atm.

    I actually don’t have high hope on Plak, I just thought Plak wouldn’t be worse than that new Opp anyway.

    Now Plak is in, let’s see how she does;)

  • I feel bad for Bongaerts:( She is trying everything she can, but isn't helped by any of her teammates.

    Time for Jasper in the third set for Buijs! Also Baijens for Timmerman and Knip for Schoot, because they aren't performing at their usual level...