EuroVolley 2021-Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria & Croatia

  • I think it's a tribute to her achievements that you can say a European silver and Olympic bronze medal is a "big flop" because when she first came into the team that would've been viewed as a stunning season for Serbia.

    I don’t mean the results Rasic has achieved this summer is a big flop, it’s how she played on court especially in the match tonight, and the one against USA in Tokyo. It’s just sad to see her struggling so badly in attack and her block was nowhere to be found, which I can’t recall to have seen from her in the past.

  • Actually, didn't CEV do a fan vote for the CL dream team? Maybe that is the plan again.

  • I thought about that too, but I don't like it. Though most of the time I don't like official dream teams either :aww:

    I usually disagree with the official one, but the fan voted one is literally just a popularity contest, it almost never has anything to do with how they actually played this tournament. At least with the official one even if I don’t agree, the players usually deserve a spot on the dream team to some extent

  • Everything started from Eurovision and it end at EuroVolley :cheesy:

    What a year for Italy as country :rose:

  • Oh no,cev become a joke

    Sure it gonna be a entire turkish dream team or boskovic best opp instead of egonu :wall:

  • Are there any financial prizes for awarded players at ECH? Because if not, then this is not that much relevant, it's not like Maja will get into a better mood with best setter award or Pietrini will get angry if she doesn't receive best OH award, they're still considered as such no matter of a voting.

    Btw. I re-checked stats and Italian MBs played awful game in attack (4/12 on negative efficiency), while in last matches it was working great, especially with Danesi, it's really a promising sign that Italy has still visible reserves in comparison to what they showed here at ECH.

  • But that is true. The first 3 sets were so entertaining, intense with so many good long rallies with high level in it.

    This was the best match this year when it comes to NTs performance. Plus We finally have great atmosphere with 20.000 fans in venue.

    I mean it was not so hard to over top Olympics matches, they were terrible. I can’t remember single high level match.

  • Well, I have just finished to watch the final and the first thing I can say is: Congrats Italy! They saved the best for the end. Im glad to see they really played as a team in the most important match of the competition. Sure, there are still details which should be fixed, but this was the best Italian match in years. Even when they beat against Russia, Turkey and Argentina in Tokyo, they didnt perform there like yesterday. I do really hope Mazzanti has taken in consideration that huge mistake he did for Tokyo preparation. Aside the private problems of some players, the preparation for OG was really poor.

    I know Egonu was just superb and flashy in the SF and F, she was back to her shape. Nevertheless, for me the MVP was Elena Pietrini. She was the most regular and solid player from Italy during all the competition. From A to Z. She was set in many break points, her serves saved Italy many times, clutch blocks as well as contribution in reception. And she always spiked over 40% in every single match.

    Regarding Serbia: There should already be a Tica statue in Belgrade. Maybe next to Pobednik in Kalemegdan. There is no words to describe her performance not only yesterday, but during all the summer. But she is human at the end. If there is someone to blame, it is Terzic. We all knew Serbia main problem was OHs, so why do not try more options before? It all started when he brought Brankica to Tokyo. With all the due respect, she should not have gone.

    Last but not least, here is Paola's answer to all her haters in Italy (maybe even here :lol:). As it was already pointed out by Italian users, Italian NT received a lot of critics (hate) after the Tokyo disaster. Some were really out proportion and even received before Italy played their first match. Actually, Egonu was criticized for being one of the athletes who carried the Olympic flag in the opening ceremony. Glad to see her back, cuz it wasnt easy for her. Now, we all know her shape in Tokyo was also due to family reasons. It isnt an excuse, but it is good to see when an athletes gets redemption.

  • I wondered what everyone thought about the 24 team format? We’ve now had 2 editions of the ECH in this format and while I like that other countries are now getting a chance to shine, I preferred the old 16 team version.

    The simple reason for this is that it takes a long time for the competition to really get going, I mean Italy started with 5 matches that, let’s be honest, we all knew they were going to win. One thing I liked about the old ECH was there weren’t many “filler” matches, all matches were important and mostly between high-quality opponents.

    Oh well, I don’t suppose they’re going to revert back to the old system now so it doesn’t really matter. Just curious about what people think.

  • We all knew they gonna knew? Really?

    I'm italy big fan but I didn't expected Italy to win this for the way they were playing and also for the bad historial against serbia that imo was the one rival that could stop them

    And I like the 24 teams format...allow some teams to participate that don't have the chance

    For example france,sweden,ukraine did good in decisive stages

    If they want to reduce...maybe 20 teams