EuroVolley 2021-Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria & Croatia

  • Also great job by CEV, basically you can only choose from their polls of four. So if you wanted (like me) to vote Eda and Chirichella for best MBs, you can't because they are in the same poll.

    Same goes for OHs...

    You can do that. Cast your vote, clean the cache and then vote again. It works!

  • You can do that. Cast your vote, clean the cache and then vote again. It works!

    But wouldn't it be pointless? I thought that they choose one player from each poll, so even if I vote for both, only one of that poll will be chosen for Dream Team.

    (Dunno if it's really like this, CEV is so bad in website, pages, navigation and all, I may have got this wrong)

    I resolved to vote for Eda and Danesi btw

    Thanks for the tip btw, gonna usa this for OHs, since I don't really care who wins that position (all good and my first choice is Pietrini) but I really wanted to vote more than one player:lol:

  • There are sudden and very unusual changes in the percentages. I am almost sure Cev will arrange the results according to their own wishes:whistle::whistle:

  • To be honest no one was happy when CEV itself picked the dream team, so it is not like their choices were justified based on stats or anything. They always try to pick a few players from each medal winner, which most of the time looks very random

    Individually, both Eda and Zehra deserves best MB awards anyways. Same for Cansu, she played way better than both Maja and Orro except maybe the semi final against Serbia.

    While Milenkoviç gets 30% of the votes for best OH, no one should complain bias Turkish fans:roll:

  • There are sudden and very unusual changes in the percentages. I am almost sure Cev will arrange the results according to their own wishes:whistle::whistle:

    maybe the weird percentage changes could be explained if cev found a way to stop people from voting multiple times by clearing the cache like someone said you can do earlier? I just can’t believe Orro is ahead of Maja and Cansu

  • Now CEV dream team become Serbian starting six(5/7) with De Gennaro and Pietrini :rolll:

  • Now it just Boskovic + Eda with 5/7 Italian's.

    Crovolley as definition of ambivalence:


    Still terrible, I don’t like this pool at all. It should be as it was before.

  • EUROVOLLEY DREAM TEAM 2Million votes.

    Best setter: Alessia Orro

    Best Opposite: Tijana Boskovic

    Best 1MB: Eda Erdem

    Best 2MB: Anna Danesi

    Best 1OH: Miriam Sylla

    Best 2OH: Elena Pietrini

    Best libero: Monica De Gennaro

    MVP: PAOLA EGONU :cup:

  • Obviously Cev interfered the choices 🤦

  • Obviously with a fan vote there's not much we can expect lol, but I wouldn't say it's THAT bad. I agree with 5/7, Orro was fine but far from being the best setter and I'd switch either Sylla or Pietrini for someone else (not sure which one though, Pietrini was the most consistent player for Italy in the whole tournament and Sylla was the MVP of the final match for me)

  • I don't really agree to this but that's how it is.

    In my dreams it would have looked like this:

    Opp: Boskovic

    S: Cansu

    MB: Eda

    MB: Chirichella

    OH: Pietrini

    OH: Dunno, Hande? Bujis? Arina?

    L: De Gennaro

    Not that different but for sure I would have changed setter and an OH (Chirichella instead of Danesi is just my preference, I think also Danesi is a good choice)

  • Orro as best setter :gone:

    She played way better than in Tokyo (thought she played few there), but for me it wasnt enough for being awarded as best setter. Maja and Cansu were way more solid than Alessia. Ok, Cansu struggled in the SF, but it doesnt delete her good performance in all the previous matches.

    The other OH is also a question mark for me. Pietrini totally deserves one award, without a doubt. She got above 40% of spike efficiency in every single match played, top5 best spiker, the highest spike efficiency between OHs, more break points converted for Italy. And like it was pointed out, she was the most consistent Italian player in this ECH.

    In the other hand, Sylla was not good in the preliminary round and in some knock out matches. Actually, she had atrocious matches. She was also in doubt cuz of a small injury. She just displayed a superb performance in the final: second top scorer in the match (from both teams) and best spiker effiency (also from both teams). But one single match in such a long tournament doesnt necessarily means you deserve an award. So, yes, it could go to another player. The question is...who? Turkish OHs :gone: (both arent even in top15 of spiker ranking, actually, even in pos 40s and in receiver, 13), Buijs? She is in the top10, it could be.

    For MBs, well it's ok. There is an attacker MB (Eda, which is also the most complete one) and Danesi, more blocker and who is in the top4 in that skill).

    For libero, well there is nothing to add.

    So for me it is 5/7 too. Hence I wouldnt say it is THAT bad either.

  • It's ok I don't bother too much with best awards 😅

    Danesi is not a bad pick per se, Serbian MBs did well throughout the tournament though, both Rasic and Popovic. Setter is probably the most problematic one, I'd take Maja or Cansu both any day and for OHs Sylla was good imo but it could have been Buijs, Hande as well IMO, not mad about it though.

    Overall I'm not that bothered but if it was me I'd probably add some variety in there.

  • Fun fact: Eda is chosen as best MB 4th time in a row in last European Championships. This is a record I think. She made a huge impact in last decade