• i am wondering if anyone has the heights for the following players for ARG:

    bulaich (she's listed as only 172 cm, but she's got to be taller, she looks she might be more like 177)

    MBs: herrera, farriol, tosi (they all seem pretty short unlike lazcano, who's 190)

    also, why do they call fresco "la russa"? because she's blonde?

    and why doesn't sosa play for NT anymore? talk about a short MB, she's one of the shortest i have ever encountered (177)... only some JPN MBs are about that short (well, pleumjit is only about 180, some other thai MBs are shorter; trubina from KAZ was also about 178).

  • I think Sosa retired after Olympics or World Championship, probably the latter... they had an awful coach and a worse federation that even cut out Nizetich one time because she stood out against them.. Probably she grew tired of anything related to this mess... Also she is not playing club season, so probably she retired for good

  • The only one I know for sure is Farriol, 186.

    About Fresco, yes, it's because of that.