• She really hopes Plak will take her spot as opposite hitter in Dutch NT, because she proved in the past she more than capable to fill in her shoes. But also this is uncertain, because she originally is a outside hitter and it's the question she will return playing volleyball...

    According to Sloëtjes Daalderop is a huge talent and will take over her spot as topscorer for the Dutch NT:)

    Plak is currently the best choice for OPP. But she needs to confirm her OPP position both in club and NT. She also needs to improve her skill as well. Right now she is just a bit clumsy.

    Daalderop hardly got court time in Novara. Due to the poor performance of Smarzek, she may get more court time. But if she wants to play as a starter, I think she needs to change the club next season. I heard she signed a two-year contract with Novara. Not sure if she could leave next season.

    Daalderop, Herbots, and Orthmann are almost the same age. I think Daalderop has the highest potential among 3 of them. But now she is falling behind. Hope she can develop and improve in the next few years.

  • In the same interview (I think) she's also talking about her relationship with Giovanni Guidetti. She said that he is the best coach she ever had in her career.

    There were also some interesting words about the play-offs in the last season she played for Vakif. She was benched back then (or not even on the bench, not in the roster at all), and she said that that situation hurt her a lot and that there will always be a little scar for that. It felt like a stab in her heart and she told him that also. Later he apologized multiple times for putting her on the stand. She played the last match of the series and the won the championship so everything was okay after that

  • I came across an podcast with Maret Grothues. For me she is the perfect captain, because she has a positive mindset, is a fighter and she is able to convey this to the rest of the team!^^

    Here some highlights from the podcast:

    - At the beginning she didn't expect to become NT captain in 2013, because back than there were still some big names playing for NT. Although she understood the decision, because they wanted to start all over after they didn't qualify for the London Olympics. She also thinks she has the right qualities as a captain and she is a natural leader. Over the years she learned she has to stay herself as captain, so there is a good balance between the team and coaching staff. A lot of times she asks her fellow experienced teammates for advice.

    - Looking back at the olympics, pride dominates. Also a bit bitter, because they had a real big chance in the semi final to beat China wich means they would have ended up with a medal.

    - She still gets goosbums hearing the Dutch national anthem, especially when they play at home. 3 times she won silver with the NT, so she badly wants to win a gold medal. Now that she is already 32, she has to be realistic. Probably both club season and NT season will be to though, so she has to make a decision whether she will continue NT or not.

    - Elles Leferink is her big rolemodel, because they are both left handed and fearless.

    - Playing overseas is a bit like a rollercoaster, because you get really close to the team and staff but have to adapt every new year because everything is different. It made her learn a lot about herself, but also from other people and cultures.

    - Difficulties true out her career were; her big injury on her Achilles tendon, not qualifying for tokyo 2020 and some clubs who do not keep their word. For example in Chemik Police, because she signed a contract with them, but they did not keep their promises. From home she has been given to stand up for herself, so she has persisted to prove her right. It makes her happy that she was proved right eventually.

    - Biggest accomplishments in her career are; ECH 2015 in home country, because they showed the world they could compete at the highest level. Winning the national Championship with Cannes after her injury. Silver at the ECH 2017, because the departure of Guidetti was a big blow to the team but they showed resistance so still ended up second. Winning the national cup and championship with Fenerbache, because they worked really well as a team although there were 4 captains (Kim, Eda, Natalia and herself) on court.

    - She is blessed she still is able to practice volleyball and to be in the gym everyday, because it's really special to work so close with a group of people who all go 100% for one goal.

    - Her dream for the last part of her career would be winning the champions league.After each season, she checks to see if she continues to play volleyball, because her knees aren't what they should be anymore.

    - After finishing her volleyball career she maybe wants to become a manager or agent for volleyball players.

  • I wish she could come to Brazil someday... She is an amazing all-around player, she would dominate the league, easily

  • I wish she could come to Brazil someday... She is an amazing all-around player, she would dominate the league, easily

    Really? Dominate? The woman is practically a second libero

    I'm sure she won't dominate brazilian league,better have tried and didn't

  • Really? Dominate? The woman is practically a second libero

    I'm sure she won't dominate brazilian league,better have tried and didn't

    I like Maret and think she'd be a good fit for most teams here in Brazil, but yeah, to say she'd dominate the league is quite a huge stretch.

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