2020 Olympic Games - Tokyo (Female)

  • ok this level is awful and i'm just more pissed that the coaching team of China just HAD to start zhu and yan until they were eliminated to do anything.

    the team that won 3-0 vs italy would have made it out of group and would be competitive for a medal.

  • Sylla two easy defence She makes them over the net. I can’t believe it how messy She can be.

    Italy with 11 service errors.

  • I know Malinov is not a player for this level, but some day we will need to start putting some blame on others too.. she's not playing alone

  • I hope Turkey x Russia will treat us to a good match compared to this one :gone:

  • poor Caterina, she hardly spikes the balls set by Malinov

  • People here in Brazil like to say we have the best trio of OHs of the competition. I don’t know if I agree with that (even though it can be true), but watching the other games and Maja’s currently shape and style of play that she only sets the ball to her Opposites spikers, I really think Brazil has the best duo of setters in this Olympics. Watching Malinov is almost painful

  • So if this match goes to the tie-break and Russia gets 3 points, Russia could finish 1st :huh:

  • poor Caterina, she hardly spikes the balls set by Malinov

    It has been like this during all the tournament. Against Russia she had to spike with the left hand 3-4 times cuz bad Malinov sets. Same against Turkey.

  • if poulter is not injured, i think USA would win by 3:1 ..... hancock , malinov who plays worse

  • It was about time we saw a pipe attack. USA have been playing really simple, with no middle attacks

    I was just going to post that but thought people would abuse me if I :rose:'d MBH