2020 Olympic Games - Tokyo (Female)

  • Danesi is such a good MB. She is doing everything:white:

    Finally Malinov started to use MB way more.

  • Italy winning without setting a lot to Egonu

  • I wish Romanova was here. Startseva was setting way better in VNL ,maybe she is feeling the pressure

  • Italy decimating Russia with an error-prone Egonu is just sad. Seems like Russia made no progress after VNL. :(

  • And how much hate Italian game got after few friendly matches and they are playing very good even littlerally without Egonu beast mode.

    Reception is biggest surprise for me. It is so stabile and Pietrini improved so much in that part of the game. Noone is talking about.

    She was worst reciver than Sylla and look at her now.

  • Poor Malova - her digging eff is at 53.33% but no help at all on the attacking side of things. Someone from the coaching staff needs to talk to Startseva, if they want to turn things the other way, Startseva should step up or else sub her out and try Matveeva instead

  • God How easy is Bosetti playing with block :white:

  • Fivb's stats are wrong. Egonu has more errors.

  • I don't think I've ever seen Egonu tip that much