2020 Olympic Games - Tokyo (Female)

  • In addition, the best for Turkey would be to confirm this victory against Italy tomorrow. The current WCH runner up hasnt showed a good level despite of crushing Russia. Yes, they are still out of rhythm and Egonu was an error machine, but I highly doubt Egonu will turn into beast mode from one day to another. It still might take some more matches to reach her Conegliano level again.

    Turkey has all the the weapons of this Italian weakness and for me, the key would be to take Pietrini out of the match (serve target). Once she is out, I dont see anybody who could replace her (Sylla injured, Sorokaite :?:). Maybe in that moment Mazzanti would regret to not have called Gennari. Of course, it would be better to take Bosetti out, but she has more experienced and it is more solid. Just look how she dealt pretty well with the horrible Malinov mistakes, even scoring with the left hand.

    Only thing that was missing at Italian side to completely crush Russia and to be on highest level is Egonu not making mistakes and service errors. Everything else was on point. (Minus Malinov, but girls are literally used to so even that was not the problem)

  • Yup, passing, blocking, defense, counterattack, both OHs were all decent from Italy today, they lacked Egonu and few less service errors to make it a blowout, but it was really promising performance. So this game against Turkey looks super-interesting, probably much more than we would anticipate before OG.

  • turkish users are so excited and it's understandable but they should keep calm

  • I really wonder if Turkey will follow the same sort of path of Netherlands in Rio.

    Upset in 1st match and the confidence boost carries them all the way to the last day.

    However IMO, I think this turkish team has a higher ceiling but ALSO a lower "low" than that 2016 dutch team.

    I hope they will be able to keep this form!

  • Rus-Arg 3-1 (It seems a pretty predictable guess)

    Chn-Usa 2-3 (I sense USA will do all they can to capitalize here, but I expect China to bounce back during play-offs whoever their opponent is)

    Jpn-Srb 1-3 (I could have put Japan as win or a close match here if Koga was healthy... but now even Boskovic setting herself would do)

    Ita-Tur 1-3 (:evil:)

    Bra-Dom 3-2 (I hope for a tiebreak here , SORRY Brazillian fans, again, but Brazil in 5 is everyones fave way to spend free-time :lol:)

    Kor-Ken 3-0 (I'm curious if Kenya will turn up again, I don't rule out them doing better for sure)

  • What are the news about Koga? Any updates?

  • Turkey v Italy is going to be interesting

    I'm a little anxious