2020 Olympic Games - Tokyo (Female)

  • 9:00min highlight of Italy vs Russia.

    It is not full but it is something.

    Even on this short video you can see how mich Egonu was off in first set. Wrong approach, wrong timing when She needs go hitthe ball. But after first set She was coming stronger how match was going. She started to have bigger confidence

    Again watching and I can’t stop watching how good Pietrini was at reception :what::what:

  • Just finished watching back matches Italy - Russia and Turkey - China.

    I really liked the way Italy played! Although Malinov didn't play her worst game, it's clearly the setter is the most vulnerable position for Italy. Her setting is really imprecise:pinch: Happy Mazanti realized Sylla shouldn't be a starter and he started with Pietrini! Now it even makes no sense at all Sylla became captain:rolll: Pietrini played great! Stable reception and efficiënt in attack:) De Gennaro and Bosetti their reception and defense were really important for the performance of Italy. Hope middle blockers will play a bigger role in the rest of the tournament. I would love to see Folie as a starter, because both Fahr and Danesi aren't the best attackers. Although with Malinov as setter, middle blockers can contribute most in block:D

    Congrats to Turkey for this big win! Never underestimate Guidetti:P This was real teamwork and they completely disrupted China by serving though! For me Cansu was the best player on court! She distributed real good involving every player. Next to that her sets were precise and at the right tempo for all players individual. I was curious how she would perform during her debut at the Olympics, since she isn't the most reliable setter under pressure... Hope for her she can keep up this level:saint:All other players on court for Turkey also played great; Ebrar really reliable in attack, Hande helping Ebrar out in attack and scoring a lot of points, Melhia stabilizing reception, Simge great defensive work, Eda being Eda and Zehra showing how good she is when she is healthy and how important a good attacking middle blocker can be! As for China, they were one big mess... Bad reception, nowhere to be found in block and defense, imprecise and way too low setting and non confidence in attack at all. I'm sure they will play better the rest of the tournament, but still this didn't look like China.

  • I would be very surprised to hear this. They are notorious for the strict schedules and trainings.

    I was thinking about this too! I don't think Lang Ping would want them intermingling with other players or athletes for safety concerns.

    Maybe Kenya's coach got them mixed up with other Chinese sport athletes hanging around the Olympic Village.

  • She'd literally break her legs after that fall c'mon 🤣

    She'd probably won't be able to hit that ball too :lol:

  • RUS-ARG 3-0

    CHN-USA 0-3

    JPN-SRB 0-3

    ITA-TUR 3-1

    BRA-DOM 3-0

    KOR-KEN 3-0

  • Does anyone know any other place where we can watch full match replays? The claro one that was shared earlier doesn't work for me even with my vpn.

    I'm watching with my VPN set to Mexico location.

  • After yesterdays matches I want to say big congratulations to Turkey. The level of their game was just extraordinary. Perfect block-defense system, scoring wing spikers and middle blockers, all players did exactly what they had to do. Beating Olympics Champions at the Olympic Games is a huge achievement. I have impression that this result is the effect of VNL preparations - tons of errors and mistakes were done during VNL, now it's time for much improved games and here we have it. Thanks to such surprises the Games starts to be much more entraining and gives hopes for a great quarterfinals.

  • Italy-Turkey match will be interesting for many reasons but one of them is, whether Turkey's performance against China was a one time thing or was it their real performance which they had been preparing for the whole VNL?

    The key in the match will be serves from Turkey as usual. We know what happened in Imoco-Vakifbank final, Sylla was benched after a while. Question is, will Pietrini be a solution and do what Adams did in Imoco? Adding Malinov's performance to bad receives, Paola might be forced to slap balls to Turkish side, instead of really attacking.

    Fun fact is, Turkey relies so much on solid receives too. Without keeping middle attacks active, Turkish game will be very obvious and it will turn into a block party. However Baladin-Meliha-Simge trio looks more solid in receiving than Pietrini(Sylla)-Bosetti-De Gennaro trio.

    One decisive minor element is, whether Guidetti will be able to match Egonu with Hande Baladin/Ebrar (in 1 rotation). They are both solid blockers and can at least bounce Paola's attacks. Can't imagine Paola attacking against Tugba :S

  • It is interesting to see how much Turkey has powered up. Hande for one has received a lot of backlash last season but seeing her return to form is something of a feat. Can't wait to see how far Ebrar can grow from here on.

  • It is interesting to see how much Turkey has powered up. Hande for one has received a lot of backlash last season but seeing her return to form is something of a feat. Can't wait to see how far Ebrar can grow from here on.

    All the merit to Guidetti :obey: Turkiye can become the new Netherland Era with Guidetti.

    Everything he touches become gold 🤣

  • Do you guys think that Turkey is gone have different starting six tomorrow ?

    I’m actually expecting Folie or Christina instead of Fahr tomorrow. But everything else the same.