2020 Olympic Games - Tokyo (Female)

  • USA plays against Russia on a 4th day, it is probable that USA-Italy game on a last day of a group phase will be a game for a 1st spot, so you're reaching.

    The team that plays Russia on a final day is Turkey, but we have no clue at this point if they're in a spot or willing to to manipulate anything.

    Would have to win against Argentina and beat one of USA/Italy but not both.

    If they won against none of USA/ITA, then they risk going to 4th. That's dumb just to get China out of the tournament (who are playing terrible)

    If they won against both USA and ITA, then no way are they gonna lose that B1 spot and risk facing one of Serbia/Brazil just to get China out of the tournament.

  • Sorry but I will have to root for Italy today so that Turkey HAS to fight for a win against Russia on the last day of the preliminary stage.

    meh, even if China do get to the QFs somehow, I don't see them beating Serbia or Brazil playing like this. If they can't medal might as well go home early.

  • Watching on NBC now (yay mainstream TV)

    They're saying USA brought in top men's players to specifically prep for Tijana and Zhu.

    Sorry, Paola lol

    Don't the men have their own competition? Or is it the top men outside the 12 that went to Tokyo?

  • USA was well prepared to China, especially in defense, JT was the one to watch, 34 points for 3 sets is huge and she looks healthy, Thompson Volleyball Club is on the way, sorry KK. I still think that Poulter it's not working well with her middles, both had 7 points together.

    For China, Wang Mengjie had her Nicole Davis day and failed a lot at reception, but all Chinese team looks out of sync. There was a moment when ZT blocked JT and she screamed a lot bcs JT hitted HARD on her wrist, she was looking felling pain, but still she managed to be the main scorer for her team.

    I think the situation is critical for China, and different from 2016, back then they started losing 3-2 for NED, and then had two easy games to recover before losing to Serbia and USA, now they have been crushed 3-0 at first two matches and has Russia and Italy on their way. Ok, I think that Russia is the perfect opponent to resurrect a team, but still a dangerous game, plus they may be motivated to continue China's demoralization.

  • seems like the remaining matches today were adjusted?

    That better be fucking wrong

  • i was wrong. Lol. My VPN was set in AUS hence I thought the matches were moved. 🙈🙈🙈

    oh thank god. It would have been a blow to my buzz. The hit of acid I just dropped is set to have me peaking at Italy v Turkey. On schedule :!:

  • i have a feeling US will intentionlly lose 0-3 against russia on final day of qualifications.

    Besides, he should remember JLP did not

    That will comoletely blow China away frok QF.

    if that is what US coach will do, karma will get back to him/ US team. JLP played fair and professionally unlike Serbia coach manipulated the game by intentionally losing (2018). Hope he remembers and return the favor to JLP.

  • oh thank god. It would have been a blow to my buzz. The hit of acid I just dropped is set to have me peaking at Italy v Turkey. On schedule :!:

    Ebrar's hair should be quite a ride then huh

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