2020 Olympic Games - Tokyo (Female)

  • If there’s anything positive out of this (can there be?) is that Russia played amazing, a performance I don’t think they can repeat, and in the same time USA was really bad.. so both teams not on their usual level.. If USA can regroup things can go better.. I just hope JT’s injury is not serious

    I don't think many were positive that they could keep up their performance after the match against China (and I'm one of them, considering their next opponent is the mighty USA), but here they are, proving us wrong again. And truthfully I'm glad to be proven wrong again :))) The morale is def sky high with the ROC so you never know.

  • Im sure that even the most devoted Russia fan didnt expect a 3-0 swept against USA. Not all. Maybe a hard fought 3-2, but not a clear 3-0 and outplaying USA in almost all the elements.

    Russia attitude was totally different compared to the their first match against Italy. Ok, Italy played quite well that match and neutralize well the Russia, despite of Egonu wasnt 100% on (she still isnt). But Russian improvement is 180 degrees one.

    Russian transitions were like the one from an Asian team: defending well, but keeping the ball enough live for the setter and a lethal counter attack. They have had some moments like this in some matches, but they didnt hold it for more than 5-7 points. Today it was through all the match.

    USA was just :gone: Not a proper answer from the bench. Even when they have a golden one. Karch is driving a Ferrari when he even doesnt have a scooter license.

    Sure Poulter underperformed, as well as MBH and Thompson injury changed more the scenario, but please you know this team! Move your bench! :mad:

  • Coming to this tournament I always thought USA has the richest bench. But I dont know why that bench seems to be undervalued.

  • Can’t wait for Turkey VS Russia. Hope to see some aggression on the net between these 2 😂

    I think we'll see a tight match. Russia has gone a significant improvement last time these two teams met but Turkey has Guidetti as coach. It could go either way but it should make for an exciting game.

  • It's beautiful to see what is happening with Goncharova now, actually is one of the things I like more in sports. She was about to retire, having a really bad time on court, looking demotivated, and suddenly she recharge her spirit and now she looks with fire in her arms. Legendary player for Russia YES.

  • Well, so far the only certainty of these Olympics is that they are unpredictable :D

    Hence, it wouldnt surprise me if China manages to beat Italy later today. I still think that if the Asians could play in the same level than in the first two sets against USA, they could produce an "upset" against the only unbeatean team in the pool.

    Some teams play their beast only when they are between a rock and a hard place. I do think China is one these teams.

  • Tokyo 2020 vball: Hot mess :lol: