2020 Olympic Games - Tokyo (Female)

  • If Im not wrong, I have just seen Yao Di and Wang Mengjie in the stands watching the men gymnastics competition

  • Such an exciting game to watch! This game (and the game against China) is the first time in forever that it’s looked like they believed they could win. It’s like Russia woke up and realized they have everything it takes to be a high level team, they just needed a little self belief and fighting spirit!

  • Can we establish that Goncharova > Gamova or it is still up to debate?

    Nah Gamova is always tops. Goncharova has carved her own little legacy plus her beauty of course :lol:

  • This is the problem with taking Hancock.. I feel like she has a similar role CT had in 2012 (let’s not bring 2016 up!) Glass was obviously the better setter overall, but Cortney had a better serve and allowed them to utilize the double sub, since unless an injury happened Berg was always gonna be the starter. The big difference right now is that Poulter is unstable and needs someone who can come in when she’s struggling.. sadly Hancock can’t offer better setting

    Courtney was a serving sub not for double sub.

  • That's declining real quick tho. Thought they have some fighting spirits left, but it's already vanish forever.

    Im going to try to rewind the broadcasting in order to be 100% sure if they were them. Cuz I was watching the RUS x USA match in Claro Sports and after the match finished, the broadcast was changed to men trampoline gymnastics.

  • I think USA can still get through the QF. This is just a bump in the road. They can beat Serbia.

    I think USA would still have a hard time beating Serbia even though they are lacking their normal fire power. USA doesn’t have a lot of players who are strong out of system, especially now if JT isn’t able to play. Plus we saw how much they struggled with Russia’s block today and and Serbia is still one of the top blocking teams.

  • USA already didn't played good against Turkey, and today they continued this journey where they have to find out alone where to go, simply because there's no leadership from KK.

    Thmpson is a big loss, this girl has made difference for them and I like her more and more, some contribution from another OH who could kill OOS balls would help USA a lot (hello SWP), and a setter who could do the basic well (hi Carlini), would help too, but the absence of a coach is dreadful.

    I can't with him and his pep talks anymore, c'mon USAV, do something.

  • Everything worked well for Russia. Blocks, attacks and floor defense were excellent. Only Busato's challenges were fails. Lol

    I hope USA can bounce back next game.

  • Alright, am I wrong or is China now almost officially out? Assuming Turkey beats Argentina 3-0, they'd have better set average going into the last round.

    Yes, you are right. China will definitely be out of the Olympics before their match with Italy tonight if Turkey is able to win against Argentina in 3 or 4 sets.

    Turkey currently has a set ratio of 1.000 (6-6). If they were to defeat Argentina 3-0 or 3-1 and lose to ROC in 3 sets, then Turkey set ratio will still be 1.000 (9-9) or 0.900 (9-10) respectively.

    China currently on the other hand has a set ratio of 0.222 (2-9). So even if China were to beat both Italy and Argentina 3-0 they would only have a set ratio of 0.888 (8-9) at best.