2020 Olympic Games - Tokyo (Female)

  • It's just so hard to predict anything in Pool B right now. Teams expected to win suddenly can have a bad day and mess up the rankings. My mind is gonna explode with all the possibilities :lol::wacko:

  • Even before the tournament, I could tell it was time for LYY to become the ''ACE''. JLP somehow did not see that, I'm really surprised.

    Zhuting is still the ACE in China NT when she is healthy. In the official interview of Langping yesterday, She admits she also does not expect the wrist injury badly affectting ZHuting's performance!:teach:

  • Okay, something more about Italy-China game.

    I don't think that a loss itself is that harmful, considering that every team has already flopped in one game or another in similar way. Yeah, if they wasted a chance for a 1st place, that sucks, but it's not like other teams have nothing to worry about, because they do. Like I said, I think that a year of break from NT competition and twisted VNL schedule is a reason why a level of this tournament is not so good, because I'm quite experienced vball fan, and in both female/male competitions I can't think of any OG tournament, that was as weak as this tournament has been to this point. It's even hard to point out a clear favorite for gold after a group stage.

    That being said, it clearly shows flaws of Mazzanti as a coach:

    - he took 4 middles only to get a shot for a medal for Folie, because she played only against Argentina IIRC, so ... what's the point of taking her??? She's a sub to sub in Chirichella?

    - he took Sorokaite only for serve sub, because Egonu was awful for majority of a game and she wasn't subbed out (what was predictable, she won't be subbed out until she's dead), so ... what's the point of taking her???

    - he took 3 OHs, so he has no Bosetti or reception sub on a bench

    - he plays a worse player of Malinov-Orro duo as a starter

    So here we are, playing against China, where whole team and every player but Pietrini sucks. No sub on OPP, no sub on OH, Sorokaite and Folie are useless, because they went to Tokyo only because they were previously a part of a team, so Mazzanti probably felt bad with leaving them at home. If Mazzanti had taken Gennari and 2nd libero as a receiving sub in place of both, he could have subbed Bosetti with Gennari and Pietrini to the 2nd line with Parrocchiale. But naaah, he firstly subbed Pietrini with Sylla to reception (!), and then he subbed Bosetti by Sylla (with Sylla-Pietrini on a court!!!).

    And first and foremost - I'm not a huge fan of Orro, she didn't play well today and it's not like I super like her or something, but when it's plain and clear that Italy won't play any versatile or attractive volleyball with Malinov, it would be good to have a setter that can at least set the ball well to the middles, because Orro is much better on club level and was really great with Washington and Bonifacio some time ago. And I know she's no good in NT as well, but she's been really decent both in Busto and Monza, and has prior experience in NT to at least be okay if she gets a trust from the coach.

    Oh, and one thing more: Egonu, seriously, wake up, it's not fun anymore.

    China was obviously solid, so no disrespect to them, but 27 errors by Italy in 3 sets?


    Like I said before a tournament, I'm watching you, Mr Mazzanti, every move you make, every breath you take, so better don't screw up.

    (jk with this The Police reference)


    Geez, Italian serve tactic is pathetic as much as their overall performance was, but that's a problem throughout a tournament, what's the point of going aggressively with hard serves when you can't make them in, so you're so error-prone?

    PS 2

    Italy can still have a really successful tournament and win a medal or even something more, but these are some fundamental errors that are hard to understand.

  • Italy with 27 errors in three sets. It means NINE mistakes per set. While China only 10 (which is a bit high for them).

    China played their best match in the tournament, but let's be serious: Italy was a nightmare. I would only rescue Danesi with 5 kill blocks.

  • I agree. 100% percent. Dont wake to take any merit off from China, cuz it is super worthy they competed despite of being already eliminated, but the main responsabile of this this 3-0 swept is Italy itself.

    It has already been pointed out that Mazzanti is too stubborn to his starting 7 that he barely uses his bench when it is needed. It already happened in WCH 2018, specially in the final match. Chirichella was nowhere close to her level, just 3 points in 5 sets, but he never ever dared to sub her for Lubian or Fahr. Ok, these two players lacked of experience, but why not try it? Worse than Cristina they wouldnt be.

    While we could see how Lang Ping bet for YingYing in the SF and it almost paid off.

    Same today. Egonu was tragice, it happens to every single player. Why not use Sorokaite? To give a rest to Paola. I also agree thatn Parrocchiale should have been called or Gennari. If you wont use Cristina nor Folie in this kind of matches, there is no reason for calling them (just in a team spirit reason).

  • Sorry am bad at calculating set ratio, but if China wins their next match 3-0, and Turkey loses 0-3

    Will China be able to advance with set ratio? Or are they still too far apart for that?

    Nope it will be Turkey at 0+- and China at -1



  • Nope it will be Turkey at 0+- and China at -1

    oo thanks, was just wondering why since China could tie Turkey with 7pts

    and seeing Turkey's 1.500 and China's 0.555 set ratio, was just curious how far apart that'll be even with a 3-0/0-3 result


    edit: ahh okay sets won/sets lost, got it lol

  • Just watched Russia VS USA (haven't even watched Italy VS China), but what a weird tournament so far:white:

    All teams have showed their best volleyball so far, but also their worst... For me personally I think the level isn't the highest. I mean surprises are great, but there hasn't been a match were both team played at the best at the same time. Hope this will chance during knock-out phase!^^

    About USA, I think Karch made some crucial mistakes! His biggest mistake is not taking Carlini as second setter. Poulter hasn't played great during VNL and now at the Olympics she seems lost on court. Hancock is such an unstable setter, so she will never have a postive impact at the crucial moments:S Also Wilhite could have been really useful. Bartsch and Robinson are underperforming badly, but also Larson hasn't been a great help either. Hill doesn't even get a chance, so why isn't Wilhite here:/Wilhite even could have been a good back-up at the opposite position. Now that Thompson is injured, USA will have big trouble if Drews has to be the starter the rest of the tournament. I've never seen USA receiving this bad and Drews is a joke out of system:gone: Middle blockers aren't performing well either. They are not helped by the setters, but also in block they aren't making any impact. I would start with Ogbogu and Akinradewo rest of the tournament. It's a shame least experienced player in the squad is your best player: Wong-Orantes. She only has been a starter since this summer, but has shown the most stable performance so far.

    As for Russia, I would never have thought the could show this performance during the Olympics, so kudos to them!:) For me Voronkova her performance is the key! She is playing a well all-round game and is doing everything; tough serving, stable reception, great defense and smart attacking. Also Malova is playing on a very high level as many people already mentioned!:super:

  • Voronkova was literally insane. Malova and Gonch stole the show (as the should) but I’ve never seen Voronkova play defense like that :white:

    Russian volleyball gets a lot of stereotypes (some deserved, some not) but that was very enjoyable to watch…. Even on the USA end 😭😭

    as for Karch… I think that’s been said enough lol bring me Lavarini please