2020 Olympic Games - Tokyo (Female)

  • Tugba, a.k.a. Melisandre the red priestess is in and scored a point right away!

    Look to your sins, Korea, for the night is dark and full of terrors.

    Game of Thrones 8x03: ¿por qué le pasó esto a Melisandre al final de la  Batalla de Winterfell? | OFF-SIDE | DEPOR

  • Oh Tugba, you beautiful little squirt :rose:

  • Kim Suji's been pretty ghosty this tournament but I still enjoy viewing her

  • I see turkey losing at tiebreak and missing chance of their lives:down:

    Come on! Why do Turkish fans here dont look so optimistic? If you ask your team to trust on themselves, well, as a fan, you also have to trust on them! This match is completely winnable for Turkey (Im not understimating SK). Sure, they are nervous cuz they are "big" favourites and they are very close to reach an historic SF; but being honest, they are struggling more with themselves.

    Tecnic and skills are needed, of course. Turkey has them. But if it isnt working cuz of the nerves, you must pull the motivation and "heart" card. Eda and Ebrar could give this.

  • Meryem>Ebrar now

    I think Ebrar thought this tournament was one match or something

  • Ebrar makes more mistakes than pints😶