2020 Olympic Games - Tokyo (Female)

  • Why am I still awake for this? :sleeping:

    This should have been the first match or the last one :read:

  • I think that's the first set all Olympics that USA actually looked good.

    One of the three sets agaisnt China were good too! Haha come on!

    But this set, aside Dominican current shape and some too fast sets from Hancock, has been really a delight to see! USA back to their game: digging digging, good coverage, the block arriving on time to close the diagonal, etc.

  • This Olympics has been wild.

    Looking for Brasil vs ROC match in 9 hrs.

    My SF prediction:

    Korea vs Brasil

    Italy vs USA

    Finals: Brasil vs USA

  • Or the third one (5am my time urgh)

    Yes! Third one too! Cuz third one will be at 3 am my time...I have been sleeping just 4 hours per day. I do struggle a lot when key matches are at that time.

    For the first two, I dont have any problem. Or the last one. But well, 3/4/5 am isnt a good schedule neither for USA or Dominican Republic.

  • Park Jeong-ah 16 points! She also redeemed herself today.

    I remember she was subject to a lot of criticism after Korea lost to Netherlands in Rio.

    Yes, please! Let's talk about Park Jeong-Ah! I bow to Kim Yeon-Koung just as much as the next guy. Lavarini: it goes without saying.

    But it's important to remember also about the fantastic run Park Jeong-Ah's been having. Having to fill Lee Jae-Yeong's shoes... We all see how much Yeom-Hye Yeon, Oh Ji-Young and the delightful Kim Hee Jin struggle. The MB's almost don't participate in the attack. I certainly didn't have as much faith in her as I should. Kim Yeon-Koung is wonderful, but she can't do it all by herself. Park is completely key. We should sing praises to her too.

  • Ok, it's time. See you guys later to discuss Boskoball vs Egonuball.

    01:37 am in Brazil now right? Well, I think maybe not in Acre. Indeed, there is no need to stay awake for this match. I'd be probably going to sleep and set the alarm for Boskoball and Egonuball too.

  • I have just woken up and WOW the news about Korea beating Turkey are shocking :what: I knew it was possible but still that wasn't expexted. Kim is just a LIVING LEGEND.

    Now I wouldn't mind DR doing the same thing but it doesn't seem like they are going to by far :lol:

  • Can you pls explain how Korea won against Turkey? Wasnt able to catch the match