2020 Olympic Games - Tokyo (Female)

  • A bit late (I was crying in turkish since 4 am), I also wanted to share some toughts about the Turkey x Korea match.

    In both cases a legend would have to be disappointed, so not really a matter of who, just how. I am really happy for Kim and SK, KYK really deserves a medal/prize or anything and is a true leader, from hair to toe. Great job by Park Jeong-Ah, another scorer was needed next to KYK and she found herself in the right moment. Lavarini did a really nice job with subs and he is truly a top coach.

    My heart is broken for Eda and Turkey, I think they really deserved to take a shot at medals, they just fell short. Their biggest enemy has always been themselves, today maybe they were too much under pressure (I saw many faces on the verge of crying maybe of anxiety even before the end of the match). Also definitely questionable choices by Guidetti, Tugba was to be tried righ away, not Seyma. And even if he wanted to put Seyma for reception, there was no point in keeping her on court the next set. Also, Meryem did a nice job but he could have tried Ebrar more for a bit of energy (maybe she still isn't okay? She wasn't feeling good since the match against Italy said Guidetti).

    I hope they manage to rise from their ashes like phoenixes and achieve even more, they definitely showed that they can (maybe with a bit of fresh blood coming in...)

    I didn't watch Dom x Usa, I was so sleepy, but congrats USA, I don't think there was any doubt but they got the job done well.

  • If you are into bets, I suggest you to bet a bit on Serbia against Italy. The current world champions are paying 2.25 :what: For me, it is really a surprise (good one). Maybe betsson admins havent seen the last matches ^^ I bet 200 bucks.

    Hmm, I am not as convinced as you are. Italy has looked downright sloppy so far, yet I consider them to be slightly better - on paper - than Serbia. Simply, while Bosko-Egonu might be fairly even the Italians have visibly better wingers in Pietrini and Bosetti which, I presume, might very well decide the outcome in their favour. Serbia would have needed Mihajlovic in much better shape in order to be able to over Italy, imo.

  • can't wait for Brasil's match. We're -1hr from Tokyo.

  • lets see who is the best opp :box:

    in my opinion serbia is underdog this match but w/boskovic you never know.

    and Egonu should play a stable game if they wanna qualify.

    I hope it will be a good match so that I can forget the my disappointment a little bit.;(

  • just cant believe Turkey lost the spot onto Semi.

  • in 2012 only the third place in group A qualified for the next round... :sos::sos::sos:

    really nervous about Brazil vs Russia omg

    the winner has a great chance to make the final match.

  • Caterina cannot spike all balls set by Malinov …. Very annoying

  • This is what I like when the commentators are Americans. They've got some good analysis and in-depth knowledge of the game that they always share.