2020 Olympic Games - Tokyo (Female)

  • Congrats Serbia, well done. :rose: Maja simply outplayed Italian setters, what a player. Also Egonu was so off today :gone: USA x SRB again in the semifinal :super:

  • I love that some people gonna remain humble :thumbup:

    Someone got their lesson today in humility and empathy.

  • Congrats Serbia! Great display by Boskovic, what a player:obey: Ognjenovic also executed her playing plan well! Of course she used Boskovic mostly, but can't disagree since both middle blockers and outside hitters on court for serbia are known gor their attack. Reception and defense was pretty stable, best I've seen so far from Serbia this Olympics! Rasic still gives a masterclass how to block:heart:

    About Italy, really disappointing performance:down: Only player who played decent was De Gennaro. Egonu indeed didn't play well and not everything is to blame on the setters, but both Malinov and Orro played really bad! There was bad connection with every player on court... Bad discision not to play with any player of the Olympic squad at the VNL:whistle:

  • Btw, this doesn't even feel like a heartbreaking loss, feels like it was deserved. For this team I feel just mild sadness that goes with every team that loses.

    What a bad match from Italy (so sorry for Cate and Moky, they deserved better, I don't even know if they will make it to Paris due to age). And please, no more 4 MBs if you dont't use them. Bring a receiving specialist.

    Rooting for Brazil v Serbia for the gold btw

  • I am impressed by Serbia's libero. She's not stable in Rio 2016, esp in Gold match.

    But today she was amazing with some big digs, which helped the momentum shift back to Serbia in set #3.

    Ognjenovic again, proved herself one of the best setters in the world, even at her age.


    as we all know, the team will live and die by Egonu. Unfortunately, Egonu was never that consistent, especially with the mediocre pool of setters available to the team. This is when the coaching could've come in, they never pulled Egonu out even though she was clearly floundering. Her sub, Sorokaite was used as a service specialist, when her serve was never that good in the first place.

  • As I said before, Egonu won't play as in Conegliano with setter like those two.

    Sylla once again proved she's nowhere when her team is playing important match. I am curious how long she will remain in a team like Conegliano.

    Such a smart match by Maja, she had to set to Boskovic and it paid off, cause that lady is amazing.

  • Putting my hopes on Brazil vs ROC to be the most exciting match from QFs without all the clean sweeps and coach drama

    + btw what are your favourite matches from the Pool stages? I only watched a few (this could be the reason why), but it just felt like watching which team played worse & lost, rather than seeing which team played well & won, so this Olympics has been pretty disappointing.