2020 Olympic Games - Tokyo (Female)

  • Maja not playing well IMO

  • That's right way Larson was aiming it

  • Reception of Serbia should be better to make a chance against USA. In this way Ognjenovic is able to involve middle blockers more, which is working well so far when Ognjenovic is able to set the middle blockers!

    As for USA, reception isn't great either, but Poulter is setting pretty clean, so easy job for the pin hitters to kill the ball.

  • Right now it's just too predictable from Maja for the USA, they are not struggling reading her game at all and Serbia is falling apart in set 1.

    Other players have to contribute more and Tijana needs to be on fire.

  • Wong-Orantes should get that best libero award already geez

    One of the things I look for in a libero is how quickly they get up off the floor. JWO just levitates :thumbup:

  • USA has found their smooth game again, as in the preliminary round (against China specially). Good contribution from all the players. Btw, Poulter digging Tica as she did it in CL.

    I know Poulter has better setter skills than Hancock, but Micha is way more "aggresive" setter than Poulter. At least in Tokyo. Micha always tries to run her MBs.

    Serbia is falling apart cuz of reception. But it is just the first set, we will see how Maja will deal with this for the next sets. There were some rallies where she could have set to Tica, but she chose to "surprise" USA block and set to MBs or pins. Pins didnt deliver, so I guess we will see Boskoball in the second set.

    I know it is still super early to say this, but it would be kinda funny that in case USA gets the gold, the only team that defeated them and by a 3x0 swept, would be Russia

  • Did Karch have his lips removed or something?

  • Wong-Orantes should get that best libero award already geez

    If there's one thing Karch got right - it's taking JWO to Tokyo. This women better get that Best Libero award. She's playing super solid and super consistent.

  • she... has full of disrespect to Korean team...

    She says "it's okay, the opponent is Korea!!"

    (This tweet is removed from her twitter now)


    If her intention is conveying herself as an increasingly unlikeable person, mission accomplished.

    You'd think after all this years she'd learn a thing or two about sportsmanship. :roll:

    And her nerve! Today earlier in her Twitter she threatened blocking everyone who showed disrespect towards the guys from the male NT because of their big loss. No, she's just wonderful. :wall:

  • This is the product of hard work and taking tournaments like VNL seriously, goes out to everyone saying resting 20 year olds for months right before the OG is a smart idea after a 2 year break :D