2020 Olympic Games - Tokyo (Female)

  • If her intention is conveying herself as an increasingly unlikeable person, mission accomplished.

    You'd think after all this years she'd learn a thing or two about sportsmanship. :roll:

    And her nerve! Today earlier in her Twitter she threatened blocking everyone who showed disrespect towards the guys from the male NT because of their big loss. No, she's just wonderful. :wall:

    I'm seeing her in a different light now

  • Sheilla is a bad person, no one should pay any attention on what she has to say...

    My Brazillian online-bff said the same thing, in fact she hates quite a few players :rolll: (most in the old nt i think) but then again she cancels super fast

  • Unfortunately the Boskoball reached the limit. And besides this all the dificulties with non existing OH in attack and very poor service and reception performance by Serbia, USA is playing great. Serbia simply doesn't have the alternative way with lineup like this.

  • So far, this is not an Olympic SF quality match ?(

    I know USA fans would love this match ends soon, but sorry, as a neutral, I really expected to see a bit more of competitiveness. It reminds me a bit of the Cuba x USA in Beijing 2008. I woke up super early in order to see a good match, but USA (aka Lang Ping tactics) anhillated the Cubans.

  • This looks like a U12 game for the USA: just put the serve on the other side of the net and wait them to make mistakes

  • there are only 3 possibilities for MVP right now I feel: KYK, Wong-Orantes (yes I'm serious) or Gabi.

    All 3 would be epic but I definitely am rooting for some respect being written on KYK's name at this point bye guys :wavy: a medal and mvp :obey: (I think USA will win gold for sure with Tandara out lmao but nothing is sure this tournament)

  • if USA wins, who will get the MVP??

    My choice would be Larson or JWO. I personally dont see any other USA player who could take it. For the other teams, KYK and Fe Garay.

  • Boskovic is such a legend