2020 Olympic Games - Tokyo (Female)

  • Even an epic final won't change the fact that the level overall has been disappointing.

    Look at this semifinal!

    Anyways, Congrats to the USA, it might be their time now.

  • Congrats USA! 3x0 swept! :white:

  • Some athlete win doping cases citing bodily fluids from boyfriends, for example: saliva exchange, sexual intercourse, use your imagination...

    She can explore that angle:P

    She can still blame a Russia male NT member (justice for kicking out Brazil lol)

  • Oh no. Bosco could error this one out

  • Now we have a few answers to the questions we've been debating in this forum:

    - Skipping the VNL was a super dumb mistake. South Korea, Brazil and the USA participated in VNL with their best roster, and now two of them will play the final of the OG.

    - The hegemony of Asian and American teams over African, European and Oceania ones will last for at least 34 years.

    - In general, in a collective sport such as volleyball, good teams have an advantage over teams that rely on one phenomenal player.

  • Congrats to USA!

    They hold on finally. If Serbia wins this set, the momentum will be shifted. Who knows what will happen

  • JWO and her supporting crew did it :)

  • Well, I am sure our European friends would not like this comment, but is just a fact: For the 8th straight Olympics, an European team wont grab the gold medal.

  • Team volleyball wins over superstar volleyball.

    Looking forward to seeing USA vs BRA in the final