2020 Olympic Games - Tokyo (Female)

  • it was a good serve tho, im proud of her, she gets that choke serve away.

    Yes it was a scary good serve :) very cool, but alas ...

  • USA will win tonight! 🤞🏻🙏🏻

    Called it!


    Sorry, there is just no way Serbia could have defeated USA in this game. Volleyball is a team sport/effort but it is evident that Serbia is heavily relying on only Boskovic, and that doesn't just simply work with USA. USA is a technical team so all they have to work out is to stop Boskovic, and that's all. I just checked the game stats and 66% of Maja's sets (including the libero for OoS plays) had gone to Boskovic - that could have worked against other teams, but not USA.

  • Great job USA, fast and clinical :box:

    Yes, clinical. I like that observation :thumbup:

  • Now we have a few answers to the questions we've been debating in this forum:

    - Skipping the VNL was a super dumb mistake. South Korea, Brazil and the USA participated in VNL with their best roster, and now two of them will play the final of the OG.

    - The hegemony of Asian and American teams over African, European and Oceania ones will last for at least 34 years.

    I'm all for teams taking the VNL more seriously.


    - In general, in a collective sport such as volleyball, good teams have an advantage over teams that rely on one phenomenal player.

    2015, 2016, 2018 were different. 2014 and 2021 would support your statement. I think it's even split and depends on the players, the team, the form, etc.

  • Congrats to USA :drink:

    *Don't know about the others but for Serbia not playing the VNL wasn't an issue at all.

  • Congrats, USA! Great team performance! I agree with who says the level of the competition is not the best one, but I think it could be way better if teams didn’t skip VNL after so much time without any official competition. USA, Brazil and Korea have nothing to do with it and are making their way to one more Olympic medal.

    Between those 3 teams, Italy, Serbia and China, that everyone considered to be the favorites before the competition, I’m still really disappointed with China. Ok, everyone knows Zhu is their captain and main player, but, for me, they have an incredible team, they’re not only Zhu, so I hope they can find their rhythm back again.

  • please

    I'll listen to k-pop for the rest of the year, even that newfangled stuff from post-2017...

    Sis the new ones are bops as well trust me. AESPA really slaying f.e. or Everglow (Yiren is Chinese as well)

  • If there's one thing this Olympic cycle is pointing out - it's that volleyball is a team sport. All other teams who have clearly built a team around their ace players (China, Serbia, Italy) are falling against well balanced teams like USA, Brazil and Turkey (sadly Turkey choked) . Looking forward to a redo of 2008 and 2012 finals in USA vs Brazil. (A lot of hopefuls for Korea, but let's be real here, Brazil is the better team through and through)