2020 Olympic Games - Tokyo (Female)

  • So i think that Brazil has no more chance.

  • JWO is so suavé

  • You can't let Gabi do all the offensive work in your team

  • Omg this is a mess now :gone:

  • Macris is horrible, and Brazil's libero is not as good as Silva too.

    USA finally will win Olympics for the first time.

  • USA are playing with the calm confidence of a sniper

  • Yeah, I was waiting till now, hoping we could make an exciting comeback from this 3rd set, but it's not gonna happen.

    The girls came in too nervous today. Only Gabi keeps the same level. I think our youngsters, like Macris, Rosa and Carol are feeling the pressure. And Zé feels like back in 2014. It's like he doesn't know what to do to counter Karch's strategy. He put in Roberta way too late. Could've tried Aninha too, but I doubted he would.

    Anyways... Sometimes you just have to recognize your opponent is better. :white:

  • I'm shocked, Brazil didn't have a single answer all match, I did predict previously USA would win, but not like this :white:

    My favorite team so far in this tournament was Kenya, hope they get more recognition, all these teams flopped in my books (except USA, they really did well)

  • Gabi imo was the best player today for Brazil. To bad Brazil didnt put a good fight. But imo Brazil has already in a good position.

  • ROC-USA would have made a more entertaining finals.