2020 Olympic Games - Tokyo (Female)

  • Gold is almost in sight now for USA! It's too hard to come back now for Brazil

  • Keeping the ball off the floor in front of the 3 point line. JWO, will you marry me :rose:

  • Sure, I'm not saying that she's doing well today.. I'm just saying that 1 game isn't enough for people to do a 180 and start bashing people that they were praising before... I'm not a fan of Brait myself, but this is unfair

    Agree, and it’s just JWO being too good. Brait can’t do too much in this match, the whole block & defense system of Brazil isn’t working today.

  • Congrats USA - The team that managed to somewhat keep a good level.

    The truth is that this final was just the reflection of the whole tournament.

    Could we replay it?

  • Congrats on the Gold medal USA

    Wish other teams could've given them a harder time, but they still do fully deserve this.

    They took VNLs seriously, showed resilience through covid which seemed to have affected many other teams aversely, played at a high and consistent level throughout

    I hope JWO can get the MVP award haha

  • Is this the most boring final in Olympics?

  • I don't even agree that USA timed it correctly :rolll:


    They've been winning a couple tournaments back to back now lately and playing a LOT together. I do agree generally it can be timing for such tournament, but USA's win really is just hard work and dedication. It does make me appreciate this gold.

  • Congrats USA! What a moment to ending a career for Larson and Akin. MBH I don't have any words, she's amazing in this cycle.

    Gattaz is an inspiration, playing at the highest podium of her life at 40.

  • First of all, CONGRATS USA! They are finally Olympic champions, in the third chance! They saved their best vball for the end. It is such a pleasure to watch their block defense, good transitions, accurated serves as well as good distribution. I criticized Poulter for not being so "aggressive" in the previous matches, not using so much her MBs when it was needed. But today the strategy was on point: call the MBs for attack, fool Brazilian MBs and leave the pins with only one block. Love it.

    If it were a sweetest way to take revenge of the two in a row Olympic final defeats, it was this one: a clear 3x0 swept in an Olympic final. When was the last time we saw a 3x0 score in a women final? Maybe Los Angeles 84? Im not sure. For most of the 80% of the match I was thinking: is this an Olympic final or a training ?(? Not even a VNL final match.

    For Brazil, well, there is not so much to say. They didnt come to play today. Or better, USA never let them play. Not playing with stronger teams fired back them at the end. It is a pity Fe Garay finished like this her career. Nevertheless, aside this score in the final, I still think she had an amazing tournament, no matter what.

    MVP of the match: JWP. MVP of the Olympics: JWO or Larson for me.

    Ps: Pool B strikes again :teach:

  • happy for Larson. Brazil hasnt a great team for now to be champion.

    Happy for Brazil. Just a little bit sad for today game. But i expect Brazil to build a new young team.