2020 Olympic Games - Tokyo (Female)

  • Thanks KYK & co. brought us the only entertaining & tense match in knockout stage

    It was!! I'll never be able to rewatch that though :rolll:

  • MVP: Larson

    OPP: Boskovic

    OH: Gabi/Bartsch

    MB: Carol/Washington

    S: Poulter

    L: Wong-Orantes

  • I have tears in my eyes. I dont consider myself a hardcore vb fan but I have my favorites. When people shit talk Karch, Rhamat, Larson, SWP and Karsta I get really defensive. But I never thought I would shed a tear watching this team finally win GOLD.....at the OLYMPICS. THE OLYMPICS. Happy for Larson. Happy for Akinradewo. Happy for the program.

    My dog is judging me right now and I just know he'll be clowning and sharing this private moment with his friends our next visit to his favorite dog park.

    It was a really touching moment, indeed.

  • Yaaaaaaaaas! So happy for the girls! They’ve tried so hard, for so long.. So happy for Larson and Foluke. They’ve been there for the heartbreak in 2012, and continued to lead the team, almost 10 years after to gold. Congrats to all the girls, they did an amazing job. Bartsch really picked her game up.. JWO I have no words!

    Great job USA!

  • Brazil did wonders this tournament. I'm sad watching how poorly they played today, but to get a silver after everything is amazing. Proud of them.

    Glad that Larson finally got her gold medal too, she deserves it. Worldwide volleyball is gonna lose one hell of a player after she retires.

    When Larson was at her younger age, she can do a good jump serve too.

    Time flies fast. Now she can retire without any pity.

  • Thanks KYK & co. brought us the only entertaining & tense match in knockout stage

    wouldn't call it tense, but yes entertaining in that it defeated everyone's predictions lol

    but it still wasn't a fantastic match or anything, more error-riddled than anything (ofc due credit to Korea's serves and few clutch points, but aside from that)

  • Both matches were the most boring matches ever. VNL > Olympics.

    I think come 2024, we won't be seeing Rosamaria, Natalia and Garay in the lineup.

    Brazil needs Tainara, Lorenne, Diana Alecrim, Nyeme, Mayany, Julia Bergmann

    Fofao should also be part of the coaching staff in 2024, wasnt she seen during U20 training for Brazil?

    Setter: Roberta, Macris, Naiane

    Opposite: Kisy, Lorenne

    MB: Carol, Lorena, Mayany, Diana Alecrim, Julia Kudiess

    OH: Gabi, Ana Cristina, Karina, Julia Bergmann,Tainara

    Libero: Nyeme, Lais Vasques

  • I don't care what people say... I loved the Olympics and will always do :heart: My sleep schedule is completely garbage, but I would do it all over again

  • Is there a link for the awarding ceremony ughhh, I think my stream got cut X(