2020 Olympic Games - Tokyo (Female)

  • Gotta admit, choked up a bit with that quick interview with Karch and Haleigh. Job well done to team USA!

    Wise decision of Poulter to let Larson finish the match and her NT career with that last point.

  • congratz USA, very happy for the girls

    but the quality of this Olympics is so low, 0 epic match.

    I agree, as I post it before. The quality was pretty low. A 5 set match doesnt mean necessarily an epic match. For example, USA x ITA wasnt good (a festival of mistakes) despite it ended in a tie-break.

    Not so many good matches come to my mind now. China x Russia? It was dramatic, good come back in the 4th set, but it wasnt high quality. USA x RUS? ROC was amazing, but USA seemed off after Thompson injury, but still better than this final. TUR x USA was good for some sets, but it wasnt regular.

    I would still with ROC x Brazil in the QFs as one of the best. But at the end, Pool B matches were more exciting and "better" than the knock out stage matches.

  • Defensive play, in the time of the power opposite


    incredibly satisfying

    People said that Sydney was the last battle of concepts... We are living history right here and right now and no one noticed

  • Congratulations to USA -- especially some of my faves on the team -- Larson, Robinson, Akin, JWO, Hill.

    Now that the tournament's over, I want to say something that's on my mind for the last few days:

    (I really don't want to be negative here so I put it in the spoiler, so you don't have to see it if you don't want to)

  • Btw, it is surprising that both new Olympic champions only lost a match by a clear swept. But the teams which beat them, didnt qualify to the medal contention phase.

    France lost 3x0 against USA. While here, USA lost 3x0 against ROC.

  • Are they going to stream the individual awardees?

    Players will get only medals, FIVB is going to post dream team soon

  • It's quite the boring fight for the Gold and Bronze but it's not the problem of the winners that their opponents didn't put up a fight. Happy for Larson, Hill, and Akinradewo to retire with a gold medal they have fought for so long. For Brazil, it's still a win for them to get silver. Definitely a much desirable finish compared to Rio. As Russia fan, I can be happy at least that it was Russia the only team that managed to beat the gold medal winners convincingly 3-0 (sorry I have to insert that :lol:)

    My picks:

    Opposite: Boskovic

    OH: Larson, Kim

    MB: Washington, Carol Gattaz

    Setter: Poulter

    Libero: Wong-Orantes

    MVP: Wong-Orantes

  • I’m glad this OG is over, hope I can fix my biological clock ASAP

    Last night I went to bed almost 5am rooting for a team that I don't even care about :lol:

  • Kim Hill, The Queen enjoy.

    Has anyone won this all competition in single year ?!

    She now literally won every competition, what a career behind her :obey:

  • My dream team:

    OH: Larson, KYK

    MB: Foluke, Carol

    Setter: Poulter

    Opp: Boskovic

    Libero: JWO

    MVP: Larson

    I only have hesitation on who the best MB should be. Washington is a better player than Carol in this final match, but when considering the whole tournament, I’d pick Carol.

    Larson is my MVP as she is the leader of this USA team she’s calm, was fantastic in receive & defense, also was excellent in attack. As much as I love JWO, Larson is the one doing all the things on court. And JWO can still play many more OGs with her amazing performance, she will get her MVP in the future, this time is Captain Larson to shine:cup:

  • anyone have a link to the medal ceremony or something?

    Im watching it in Claro Sports. But you would need a VPN fron Latin America.

    Check here

  • Last night I went to bed almost 5am rooting for a team that I don't even care about :lol:

    I don't even know why I'm still here. Pretty sure I said I won't be watching any volleyball at all anymore after the Korea match LMFAO :gone:

  • But my God, this are THE WORST Olympics ever. What a boring comeptition, bad level, not single one high level match. :gone::gone::gone:

    Korea beeing 4th with this kind performance tells you everything :aww::aww:

  • This team has played 25 matches so far this year. 2 losses only. The ladies played great the last two games and just dominated. Foluke, Kelsey, Jordan and Hill coming back to get the job done.

    To all of you who hated Karch’s coaching style. World Championship, Olympic Champion as a coach.

    Some coaches use screaming to inspire, but he has his own pace and it is different. However the team bought into it and the results show that it worked. He believed that they would do it, even if he was not coaching that we would do it at some point.

    For those outside the states, NBC (the US broadcaster) had numerous videos and pictures of past players from past Olympics even going back to 1964 to say that they were behind the women on the court before the match.
    this sport was created in the states and it is still astonishing that it took so long to reach success in international play. The infrastructure now for this sport in the states and with the federation is incredibly strong now. So happy tonight for the win for the sport in this country, the players who played both past and present to say that they helped this team reach the end goal.