2020 Olympic Games - Tokyo (Female)

  • But my God, this are THE WORST Olympics ever. What a boring comeptition, bad level, not single one high level match. :gone::gone::gone:

    Korea beeing 4th with this kind performance tells you everything :aww::aww:

    Just fxxk off for a moment for others to enjoy the victory. I’m 100000% sure if the team won were Italy, you’d say the complete opposite bullshit

  • Though I knew from the start the this match is the USA's, Ze lost any chance Brazil had by being stubborn:

    1. Replacing Rosa instead of Garay who was visibly struggling
    2. Not changing the starters in the 3rd set

    But then again, grit can only take a team so far against a team that's just physically stronger. Still, a silver is an overachievement.

    Congrats USA for a well deserved gold!

  • this is truly the worst Olympics ever, we're just gonna pretend it never happened

    I don't know if this was directed towards my earlier comment... but some injuries/incidents did prevent a lot of teams from performing at their best level and the next generation didn't spring up quickly enough.

    not taking anything away from USA since it's the best they played all quad, but these finals were not competitive lol.

  • Mate.....France lost 3 matches:whistle:

    I wrote "only lost a match by a "CLEAR SWEPT". France only lost a match 3x0 (against USA). The other two were 3x2.

  • So if you didn't watch the USA stream.....

    Karch had colon cancer in 2017 that he never told anyone about. Went through chemo treatment and all.

    (he's 100% clear now)

    Wow, I was never a big fan of Karch as a coach despite liking USAVNT but going through that and leading his team to a gold in OG cycle simultanously :obey: respect, I'm just glad he is 100% clear now also! Cancer is something you don't even wish on your worst enemy... It's horrible.

  • boo hoo.

    go back to bed. :lol:

    The only way USA could won gold this year.

    But history doesn’t care.

  • history doesn’t care.

    Truest sentence you've spoken