2020 Olympic Games - Tokyo (Female)

  • Congrats USA! Well deserved win. I'm glad Jordan, Foluke and Kim will retire with a gold medal.

    Kim Hill is the team's lucky charm:rose:

    She really is.. and although people say there’s bad blood between her and Karch for taking a year off, and she never got a chance to play as an OH, she’s always so positive, looked so happy to get on the court, and also keep the party going on the bench.. I hope she doesn’t retire from volleyball completely

  • When I said this are the worst Olympics ever it is not JUST because of Italy. Yes they are part of this big failure but so many other NTs too.

    From China, Serbia, Italy. Turkey underperformed too. My God how bad they had played if they lost against Korea :wall:

    Brazil and USA looked good but that is why overall level was bad. Their level was the same and that is why they have made it, but other teams have floped. And bravo them, they took this adventege.

    Japan was big flop, I can’t believe it that We haven’t watched magic defence from them.

    I was so exciting for Olympic, like I said I watched many matches even though some teams didn’t interested me but only what I have watched was one way roud with 3:0 results.
    Even in Semi-Finals, Finals and 3rd placed matches :aww::wall::wall:

  • So I guess its official, Garay will retire after the Olympics. Brait will not play with NT anymore. This brings in Nyeme as the libero next VNL 2022 until Brisbane 2032 Olympics. She's just 21-22yo

  • Thank goodness. Hard to see China at the leaderboard when they caused this pandemic not to mention their encroachment of territories.

    what do you mean they cause the pandemic?:what:

  • Didn’t it start in Wuhan? HIV started in Africa.

    first case found =/= caused by

    Clearly very different implications and meanings

    Countless diseases in history and none of them were blamed on a country "starting it" anywhere near China is for covid

    Plus China got it under control very strictly fast, unlike all the western countries that allowed it to spread and get so much worse

    Anyway wrong topic for the wrong forum, you wanna say stuff like that then go on Facebook

  • Didn’t it start in Wuhan? HIV started in Africa.

    causing something is different than where an infection started. stop this BS!

  • Wow I didn't expect this dark turn in the comments 😳

    well, being a Filipino... Communist Party of China stole a lot of islands from us. But thats a different story :)