2020 Olympics - Tokyo, Japan

  • Yes. They confirmed it. This is the link for the first two matches (ITA x RUS and USA x ARG): this one.

    You could also check their schedulehere. There they show which matches will be broadcasted. I know, it is in Spanish, but thanks to the pictograms you could recognize the volleyball tab. Each tab includes the link for the matches.

    what country should my VPN connect to? Tried mexico, argentina, spain, etc. didn’t work. Thanks!

  • what country should my VPN connect to? Tried mexico, argentina, spain, etc. didn’t work. Thanks!

    Peru. It was showing the beach vball arena, but the it changed to Indoor Vball.

  • Still not working :-(

    It is working now. Check here.

    Try Mexico VPN.

  • I don't think Rossard could do any better in this situation. If former international performances are anything to go by, he isn't the answer to France's troubles clearly, though able to rise to the occasion for his club mates.

    If you had not watched Italy Superlega this season, I have no words for you.

  • If you had not watched Italy Superlega this season, I have no words for you.

    Sorry I've watched enough of Rossard as the backbone of Valentia. VNL was supposed to be the stage for him to set the record straight, but he failed, to say the least, to outshine his team mates, proving yet again that somehow he's just out of his element with France.

  • image.png

    The Iranians do not joke around lmao

    Imagine waking up to such a scene on your Instagram lol. But well, Kubiak kinda deserves it considering what he said before the match (or perhaps his words were exaggerated by the media? which I doubt since he has a provocative personality). At least this time it is a mostly polite comment section.

  • by benching Rossard, it looks like Defalco is the better player by cracking the national core team but really it’s the other way around.

  • I can't wait for a game between Poland and Italy.

    From perspective of Polish NT, they started their OG in really bad way, not only losing to Iran itself, but playing really poor in several areas. There are question marks surrounding overall shape of Polish NT considering a blowout in VNL final few weeks ago, and a shape of Michal Kubiak, who's in game-time decision in terms of whether he'll play against Italy due to back spasms he got once they arrived to Tokyo. Drzyzga on multiple occasions since 2019 has found himself in a big hole in terms of a setting, Leon is pretty good, but he hasn't shown his 100% yet in NT, and due to Drzyzga's struggles - probably the best middle blockers lineup in whole OG wasn't completely used against Iran. If Poland wants to answer those doubts during a group stage and win it, this match against Italy is a proper moment to do that.

    From perspective of Italian NT, firstly, I'm really curious how actual shape of Zaytsev looks like, like I said, Blengini said in a press release that he had a bit unfortunate preparations, but he believes that Zaytsev will be able to provide some impact to the team in next matches to come, but let's be honest, past few years of Ivan in NT weren't too spectacular, and if he really had some health issues during a training camp, it's not too promising to say the least. And I consider this game as well as some sort of an ultimate test for Michieletto: he's been really great so far during VNL and after, but Poland is a level above every other team in terms of combination of blocking potential and defense awareness (block is considered in Poland as go-to-asset in overall Polish game): if these Uros-like angles from a left wing and one-handed/two-handed aggressive tips will work out against Kurek, Nowakowski or Kochanowski, or Zatorski and (maybe) Kubiak in the back, then it means that Michieletto is good enough to play decently against every other team in the world.

    From a 2nd day of OG tournament, there's some momentum already both in positive and negative way for many teams, and that's a case here as well. Obviously, I'm also so-so interested in Russia-USA game as well, considering how great USA looked against France, and how great Russian team looks on paper. I hope this double-header from 4am will be as enjoyable and representative to shape of all teams as I expect it to be.

  • IRI-VEN 3-0

    USA-RUS 3-1

    POL-ITA 2-3

    FRA-TUN 3-0

    JPN-CAN 2-3

    BRA-ARG 3-1

  • Can't wait to watch Poland and Italy too! It's gonna air super late here in Brazil (2AM) and I hope it's gonna be worth it. Poland on paper has a much stronger lineup (Zatorski, Kurek, middles), so I wonder if Giannelli, Juantorena and Michieletto can work some of their magic tonight. This one coupled with Russia x USA should be fun. :drink: