2020 Olympics - Tokyo, Japan

  • Congrats Russia! What a match! Yes, there were many servie errors, but it was more than entertaining. Some rallies were just pure gold.

    USA was 22-19 and even leading by 5 in the middle of the 4th set. What a pity they couldnt force a tie-break. Poletaev service was really tactic.

  • Congrats Russia! :super:

    Ps: All the Russian bench are only "useful" as service subs :whistle:

    Kurkaev: Am i a joke to you? :gone:

  • Pankov choked in set 3, and Miach returned the favor in set 4, LOL

    Poletaev's serves saved Russian. Who knows what happened if the game was dragged into set 5.

    A decent game from Russia, but it's just a group match.

    Will see how they perform in the knockout.

  • Poland and Italy warming up. Link in English here.

    (VPN is needed)

  • Zaytsev keeps looking off so far...

  • I really dont understand why Zaytsev is still on court. Sbertoli barely sets to him, only when there is no other option.

    Leon started pretty slow, tipping more than expected, but now he is spiking over the block. Poland looks really confortable, managing the leads when they want.

  • I'm too sleepy to continue watching and have nothing of value to say, so I'll just say how I wish I had Sliwka's voluptuous hair

    Is it 3.03 am in Brazil right now, isnt it?

  • yep lol and I haven't slept more than 5/6 hours a night since the Olympics began

    And we are just in day 3 of competition :D

    Anyway, I think i will skip the next two matches and come back for BRA x ARG.

    Is Vettori also injured? He needs to come for at least one rotation, Sbertoli is overusing Osmany, even setting to him when he is in pos 2. Michieletto isnt playing as against Canada, Polish block knows how to control him, but he still looks reliable.