2020 Olympics - Tokyo, Japan

  • Russia will play against Canada (No.4)

    Oh yes, my bad. Canada has only 2 wins and they have already played all their matches. Japan or Iran will get one more victory, so no matter what the score will be, Canada is placed 4th. Thanks!

  • Lucas, you could join Brazil soccer team :cup:

  • France had momentum in set #4 with a few good blocks.

  • NG's stupid showoff again. Lucky to get that point

  • Now France secured one spot in 1/4

    If France win this match, they'll be No.3

    If they lose, they'll be No.4

  • France already qualifed, right?

  • I hope Russia play with the starters and subs on the next match with Tunisia.. Poletaev in particular needs more playing time as Mikhaylov has been inconsistent so far

  • No matter win or lose, France had a great match. They've shown some persistance which I seldom see from them

  • Rooting for France to win this match.. I want a Poland x USA/Argentina QF match :box:

  • So far, the best match of this tournament

  • NG one spike error, one direct pass over net...

    He's choked again in clutch moment.

    Poland should be scared after they watch this match. :D

  • Congrats Brazil! Actually, congrats to both teams, what a show! Good level, for moments just supreme:box:

    With a little bit more of concentration, Brazil could have closed this match earlier, but France never stop fighting, specially after a bad start in the 4th set.

  • i am very happy with how they played against Russia and Brazil. With these showings i hope the Heavens will grant them 1 more shot 🙏.

    Allez Les Bleus 💪🇨🇵

  • After a tough preliminary match, the top 4 teams from group B are on fire.

    Poland and Italy will have a tough 1/4 against teams from group B.

  • Was that enough for France to qualify?