2020 Olympics - Tokyo, Japan

  • Does anyone have a replay link of the ARG-USA match? Gutted, I wasn't able to watch it but was surprised with the results. I'm loving the Olympic games, so many surprises and drama :D

  • He's been one of the best blocking OHs in the world for quite some time, I'd recommend to everyone sometimes just focus how active he is with his hands over the net, and how great his reach is in a block.

    Im trying to, but he's so handsome, im distracted. :rolll:

  • Yakovlev has been a block monster this tournament. Glad they keep him from coming back too early from injury.

    he's freaking aggressive in the front of net, and he's really fast. I cant stop looking at him everytime he's in the court.

  • If I am not wrong, it was 15-13 for USA in the third set. Once Mendez finished to give the tactics, De Cecco said this: "Hey, no vamos a cerrar nada ahora, tenemos que tener paciencia, es largo. Pero juguemos convencidos , no vayamos a mitad, boludos, somos Argentina. Vamos convencidos, juguemos nuestro juego, vamos vamos".

    It is something like: "Hey, we have to be patient, it is long! (the match). But we have to play with confidence in ourselves. We cant play at half speed (half-arsed). We are Argentina, let's play with confidence! Let's play our game, come on, come on!

    Boludos is hard to translate :D It depends on the context. It literally means "jerk" but in this case, it would be like "dudes".

    I like how he took over. He just like said, hey, listen. And then everone listened 👏👏👏👏

  • ROC x Canada Claro Sports link. Need a Latin America VPN

  • First QF is starting in 6 minutes.

    Link here (VPN is required). Or here

    Ps: Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No. 1 is just so touching :love:

  • Russia is serving very very well. Around 3-4 aces. But if it isnt a direct point, they break the Canadian passing.

  • The serves are definitely helping. It is also a good addition to have Yakovlev and Volvich serving floating to break the rhythm and keeping the errors low too.

  • Canada should use the middles more, as the pins are not really terminating, that plus the obvious mismatch on the outside

  • Canada's blocking has been on point in the past few plays